Escaping From An Idiot

Yesterday afternoon I met our department manager, Master MC, to bring a number of complaints against Potatohead sneaky style. Doing something like that here at Bill and Dave’s is very risky. You don’t hassle the management club and succeed. I won’t lie, I was very nervous when I began talking. Master MC didn’t interrupt me until I was finished. He looked over my documented arguments with my imbecile of a supervisor and asked me if he could keep them. I said sure. My name wasn’t anywhere on the paperwork but as I agreed to let him keep them I wished I had thought ahead of time to make a copy. There was some funny stuff in there. Oh well.

I explained to Potatohead’s boss that I had tried to work out this personality clash between the two of us but I didn’t get anywhere with him. I mentioned that it isn’t much fun to come in to work anymore because Potatohead is constantly fucking with me. Obviously, I didn’t state it like that to the man, but that’s basically what I was getting at. I did make an attempt to smooth things out between the two of us. I really did. I didn’t make much of an attempt though, wasn’t worth my time.

All I wanted was to be allowed to move out of Potatohead’s grasp. Master MC was super cool. He said, “It seems that some of the things I have already discussed with Potatohead are still a problem. I will have to talk with him again and work through this. We had some issues with him when he was assigned to Sources, you may have heard about that.” I did hear about it, but I didn’t see any point in bringing it up. I kept my mouth shut. Then he said to me, “If you are able to find a job in another area we’ll let you make the jump.” Yeah! I thanked the man too many times and then we both went back to work. Deep down inside my little black three sizes too small Grinch heart beat rapidly. Potatohead was going to get a bad mark in his personnel file for this and I was going to leave the line whether he liked it or not. Just that alone will surely anger him to no end. Heh.

We have a product division in another manufacturing site nearby called Lightwave. They have been hiring like mad from within the company over the past six months. I’ll begin my search for a new job there. In the meantime I’m going to mess with Potatohead some more. I’m going to push his buttons, enough for him to be sick of me but not enough for him to be able to fire me. Perhaps that will be a fine line to cross and tempt fate with. However if he gets a call from another department informing him they are going to hire me, I want him to be extremely happy that I will be out of his hair for good.

Looks like I win, Potatohead loses.


~ by factorypeasant on October 25, 2005.

12 Responses to “Escaping From An Idiot”

  1. Naw…looks like you lost and ur ex boss won..You still think about this (living in the past)and still working at yur company and the ex boss has moved on and doing quiet well.


  2. actually G, he couldn’t get a job for a while and ended up working for his brother in law’s construction company digging ditches. then he went to working in an auto shop. that’s a long fall to take for a managerial egomaniac like him. i took great pleasure from that when it happened. good riddance to scumbags like him, i say.

    Potatohead is lucky he left as quickly as he did. alot of people besides myself that he had wronged over the years were lining up to fuck with him pretty hard. when he stepped down it was like putting a bad cop into a jail cell.

    writing about all these bad people i’ve encountered here at Bill and Dave’s company is something i have needed to do for a long time. it’s been a great thing to finally get off my chest. i finally feel better and that’s a positive. gotta go with it…

    thanks for reading my stuff.

  3. not considered a long fall at all. Getting paid more and work less and still take care of people who display effort, commitment to get the job done correctly without questioning management every step of the way because of insecurity.

    Rumors and misinformation run a muck here…quite entertaining at the most.

  4. if getting paid more to work less is the way you measure success in the workplace then you don’t know much about Potatohead. that guy got paid fat loot the whole time he was here and did virtually zero on the job, except mess with his top performers. not too smart.

    i bet he’s having a great time with all those knuckle walkin’ nitwits at the auto parts store. yep, that’s a large step up in the world. auto parts stores are where it’s at!

    we did have alot of fun with that guy. right after he took his exit we spread a rumor through the division that Potatohead was seen selling oranges along the roadside. alot of people believed it.

    Potatohead never took care of any of his star performers, those were the people he truly could have relied on if he had only listened to any of them. his ears were always closed.

    the people that really should have mattered were sunk and sabotaged by Potatohead at every step of the way… with a vengeance. he was too stupid to realize effort if it was dangled in front of his nose. no, Potatohead only took care of two kinds of lowlife throughout his years as a line supervisor at Bill and Dave’s. Potatohead catered to the Kiss Asses and Yes-Men because he was so totally incompetent.

  5. I never connected measuring success with higher pay and less work…that was your premature conjecture at trying to build a argument based a weak premise.

    Your ex boss worked his butt off to make you people better than who you were. Instead you never gave him a chance to prove it within yourself. Life isn’t about bitchin cause no one thinks the same as you do, its about respect for authority-and for that you get a big goose egg. Respect is a two way street…to get it you have to reciprocate it.

    You got your facts wrong. Your ex boss is doing great and rest assured is not working at an auto parts store or selling oranges under a freeway. Those statements alone prove to me that your previous statements are bunk!

    Sorry I had to call you out but if you wanna play with the big boys ya gots to be ready to be called out.

  6. thats what I thought. No response. Case closed.

  7. “Your ex boss worked his butt off to make you people better than who you were.”

    That’s laughable.

    “Instead you never gave him a chance to prove it within yourself.”

    Potatohead was given far too many chances by many of us to begin using common sense with regard to business and dealing honestly with his employees. he consistently demonstrated to us a serious lack of appropriate decision making ability. eventually, when you just can’t get through to someone you have to find ways to work around them instead of with them. in effect, he alienated everyone he needed in order to be successful.

    “…its about respect for authority…”

    Potatohead never earned my respect.

    “You got your facts wrong. Your ex boss is doing great…”

    Heh. i’ve been keeping tabs on Potatohead through some so-called friends of his. i’d be careful what he tells these people because they’re sorta like double-agents if you catch my drift.

    “Sorry I had to call you out but if you wanna play with the big boys ya gots to be ready to be called out.”

    I’m having a great time with this. you’re makin’ me laff. keep on truckin’ buddy!

  8. hey wait a minute. you said “selling oranges under a freeway [overpass]”. i said selling oranges by the roadside.

    there’s only a couple of people that knew about the freeway overpass part of the rumor…

    i smell the cunning work of Shoelaces here.

  9. is it potato or potatoe or potaetoe

    bless you shoelaces lol

    didja hear about the Polish kamikaze? he flew 48 successful missions.

  10. Shoelaces and Knuckles celebrate Polish oktoberfest in April. but you probably knew that already…

  11. Somebody actually gave this joker a job? he probably didnt last long, i can only imagine him dealing directly with the public. what a nightmare that must be for the store manager.

  12. by this ‘somebody’ i assume you are referring to Potatohead getting hired somewheres. yep, some fool hired him. and yep, they probably regretted it afterwards.

    Shoelaces said he didn’t pull a prank here trying to defend Potatohead. actually he couldn’t believe someone would be that stupid. he said, “trying to defend Potatohead is like trying to defend Saddam Hussein.”

    well said, Shoelaces.

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