Trenchcoat And A Briefcase

I was talking to Paul the other day over in the Precision Group Test area. He mentioned some pretty funny, and some very disturbing things about Unabomber. It’s no newsflash that just about everyone in the department now hates Unabomber with a passion, but one of the other electronic technicians on their line is starting to play practical jokes on the bastard. He said Barley has been collecting subscription cards for useless magazines and signing Unabomber up for them. Heh. I don’t know if Barley somehow got the asshole’s home address or not, but that was cool if he’s actually going through with it.

What bothers me is Paul said last night Unabomber stormed into the area in an especially foul mood. He was cursing out loud and mumbling shit under his breath. He came in, sat down at a test bench wearing a jet black trenchcoat saying shit like, “Motherfuckers.” Paul looked up from what he was working on to catch Unabomber mumble, “I wish I had a bigger briefcase!” The way he made the comment caused Paul to feel like the guy wasn’t complaining about running out of room in his case for paperwork, it was more like he was making a veiled threat to anyone within earshot about carrying a bomb in to work. Unabomber has some serious fucking problems, man. I’m gonna avoid him like the plague from now on.

~ by factorypeasant on October 15, 2005.

4 Responses to “Trenchcoat And A Briefcase”

  1. Damn, I forgot about the magazine cards. I took as many as I could find out of a trade magazine and filled them out with fictitious names. I mailed out over thirty subscriptions that were sent to his home address. I thought it was a harmless joke.
    I started to get nervous about the briefcase, there was no reason for him to carry it to work. I kept expecting him to pull out a weapon and start blowing people away.

  2. interesting. i didn’t know about either story until Paul told me about what was going on over there. he spilled his guts about it last week. laughed pretty hard when he said you were trying to punk the guy with subscriptions to stupid shit.

    nice work.

  3. Bunch of childish games. Whats the mater with you people..?

  4. i dunno whats a matter with us people. you tell me.

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