Annoying Stepmother

Q drove us to a rental car agency where Autumn had reserved a sedan of some sort at a really cheap rate. It was a brand new Japanese make in a pretty mettallic burgundy color, and it had just about every creature comfort we could possibly want. Neither one of us expected that so we were happily surprised. I think we both thought we were going to get some beater of a car that would break down at the first opportunity it got. I was impressed with the way Autumn figured out the car rental and getting us reasonably priced plane tickets. She did a good job.

From the rental car agency we followed her Dad on the freeway out of San Diego proper to Mira Mesa, which is where he lived. Q had booked us into a hotel for the first few days of our stay and he even paid for the room. That was very generous of him. When we checked in at the hotel and got up to see the room we were again pleasantly surprised. The place was plush. VCR and TV in every room, king sized bed, comfy couch in the livingroom, and it even had a little kitchen. Things on the trip were looking like they were off to a great start. Until I met Autumn’s step-mom, that is.

Q had remarried just a few months earlier to a pampered, spoiled, blonde haired woman. The story I got on her life was that she had never worked at a job until recently, like in the last couple of years or so. She had spent the majority of her years at home doing superficial, frivolous things. Autumn’s step mom was your stereotypical kept woman married to well-off men which allowed her to be a dingbat housewife for decades. So, she didn’t strike me as being a very interesting person to talk to. She definetly wasn’t street smart. Her voice irritated me every time she opened her mouth. It was too dainty and high-pitched for my liking, and once she started jaw-jacking about something there was no end to it.

Over the next few days we spent our time doing just about everything in the company of Q and his wife. We ate almost every meal with them, went to Pacific Beach with them, and got stuck running their errands around town. Autumn’s stepmother dragged us to meet a bunch of her relatives. It seemed like Autumn wasn’t getting a chance to spend any time alone with her Dad, and I wasn’t getting any time to spend alone with my girlfriend. The stepmother really was the problem. She kept organizing activities and inviting everyone she knew along. For example, one night she brought along one of her grandchildren to dinner, a nine year old girl that could not stop fidgeting and wouldn’t shut up, either. This annoying little girl was so squeaky it reminded me of someone dragging their fingernails across a chalkboard. Nothing but pure noise came out of such a tiny girl. Ugh.


~ by factorypeasant on October 8, 2005.

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