Just got back last night from staying over at Autumn’s place for a whole week. It was pleasant enough. She had dinner ready for me every night when I got to her apartment after the drive from work. She’s such a gem. She suggested I borrow her car each day to make it to work and back to her place. Because she works during the day and commutes into the city on BART she didn’t need the car. I ended up going in to work hours earlier than I normally do so I could arrive back at her apartment by eight or nine so we could spend more time together before she disappeared for the night. After she goes to sleep, I’m completely bored. There’s nothing to do there, really. I brought a book with me to read until I got sleepy, but I didn’t manage to get too far into it. Tuesday night Autumn’s new room mate Jove came home and he got me into a conversation about murderers.

Jove is from Arkansas and he’s out here studying at the Culinary Institute to become a pastry chef. Autumn placed an ad in Craigslist to rent out her other room and Jove was the guy she liked the most out of everyone who contacted her about it. I was a little concerned about her method of finding a room mate, but whatever. Jove is a slightly on the kooky side but he seems harmless enough. Since he’s from Arkansas we got to talking about the Damien Echols case. Some people refer to it as the Robin Hood Hills murders, or the West Memphis Three. HBO did a powerful documentary about the story and since Jove was from Arkansas I was curious how he felt about the case. In his opinion there wasn’t enough hard evidence to convict three little boys for multiple homicides. That was my conclusion as well.

I had a great time Saturday with Autumn. We went down Telegraph again and I bought her a shiny color-shifting long sleeve tight top. She absolutely loves shiny mettallic stuff. I’ve been making fun of her for it while we’re walking down the street together. On a sunny day her eye will catch just about every shiny foil gum wrapper and bottlecap lying around. Sparkly things make her eyes glaze over for a second or two and she zones out on it. Doesn’t matter if she’s right in the middle of saying something. It’s really funny. We also stopped in Rasputin’s Music and I got her a Diatribe CD. Needed to get her one of those before they’re all gone. Since Diatribe broke up I think their CDs will become harder and harder to find.

After wasting away much of the afternoon on Telegraph we went back to her apartment and loafed around until 11:30pm. We went out to see a 1970s John Holmes porno in 3D called “Disco Dolls In Hot Skin.” When Autumn first suggested we go see the movie I didn’t want to go because I was tired, but at the same time I didn’t want to skip it because it’s not very often you get to see a vintage porno play in 3D at a movie theater. When it was all over with I really was glad I went. The theater was on University and we got there a little early to ensure we seized good seats. That was wise, the place got packed before midnight. I was amazed at the crowd. There were a few white haired elderly couples that looked cute sitting together eating popcorn and holding hands. Made me laugh just because they were here to see such filth. Quite a few frat boys were in the audience too. Three of them sat right in front of Autumn and I, and they wouldn’t shut the fuck up. So annoying.

An usher made an announcement before starting the movie, he told us that due to the age of the film colors in the print had faded, so the 3D effects weren’t as visible anymore. Especially if you were sitting at the extreme left or right of the screen. He asked everybody try to scoot in and get into as many of the theater’s center row seats as possible. Everyone in the crowd had been issued 1950’s style white paper glasses with red and green lenses. Lights went down and then the wackiness commenced. A few scenes made me flinch. One of them was a scene where a bondage chick held a dildo out at the audience, shook it and then slowly twisted it around. It seemed like it was going to smack me right in the forehead. I laughed. The best part was when John Holmes was unzipping his pants. His cock came flying out and the three frat boys sitting in front of me and Autumn squirmed in their seats trying to duck it. God damn, that was hilarious.


~ by factorypeasant on October 4, 2005.

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