I thought everything was okay with the Cougar. How wrong I was.

This weekend driving around town, the front end felt really funky. Sloppy and loose like the steering and suspension were suddenly retarded. I asked Senor 23 to come over and help me check it out so he drove here to my new place and we got down to business. I took the car down the block and came back while Senor 23 watched from the street. When I pulled into the driveway he said my driver’s side front tire was leaning from the top of the tire out of the fender well. That’s not good.

I popped the hood and both of us scrutinized suspension components. Then Senor 23 spotted it. Looking straight down from the driver’s side shock tower, he noticed the shock tower was split in half and an upper control arm had ripped loose. I got underneath the car and saw my front sway bar was snapped in two pieces. Neat. Inspecting the passenger’s side shock tower I saw it too had a big crack in the metal and was about to snap in half as well. Fuck. Guess that deer did more damage than I thought. This is weak as hell. I won’t be able to drive the car in this condition because it’s totally unsafe. I need it to get into work every day. Repairs like that will cost me plenty, and as usual, I’m broke. I got problems.


~ by factorypeasant on October 2, 2005.

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