The Cramps show was most excellent. Yesterday was kinda rough though. I had nothing to eat all day except for rum, and some coke.

After the memorial gig Jay and I drove into the city and parked on Market Street. It was around 7 or 7:30pm and we waited for the girls in front of The Warfield since I had neglected to call Autumn before we left town. She had the tickets. So, the two of us stood on the sidewalk smoking cigarettes that Jay had hand rolled. To pass time I watched the city’s Halloween weirdos wandering about in the street.

I dressed up for Autumn in a vintage 1940s grey double-breasted suit. Jay was dressed mostly in black like he used to do when he was out late at night doing crimes. As we were pacing back and forth in front of the venue waiting for Autumn and Leslie I got a bunch of comments about my suit from the downtrodden. They were trying to bum spare change and cigarettes, as they always do. One old scruffy hobo walked right up to me and said, “Yeah man, nice! It’s like Fortune 500!” I laughed.

Out of nowhere Autumn and Leslie finally appeared. I didn’t even recognize Autumn at first. She looked so cool. She wore mettallic red spiked heels, black nylons, a vintage pink dress from the 1950s, and she had on a bleach blonde wig that lended a Roaring 20s flapper-girl feel to her costume. She looked gorgeous. Leslie looked cute, she was in a middle eastern belly dancer getup. Autumn planned ahead by bringing a small bottle of rum with her. So we all decided to get some cokes and go back to Jay’s car to wait out the opening bands and attempt to become a little more drunk. The four of us sat in the car a few blocks from The Warfield drinking while telling each other stupid stories. We talked about Potato Bug encounters that we’ve had. I hate those damn things.

The Cramps were badass. They’re one of the best groups to see perform live. I noticed a few minor differences in their show compared to their past antics. Lux Interior stayed relatively clean and managed to keep most of his clothes intact, which is unusual. Well, his clothes were doing okay until the encore. Lux was handed a blow up doll from someone standing right up against the stage. He grabbed it, bit the nipples off, and then he proceeded to eat it out. After that he tied it’s legs around his neck and wore it like a scarf while he climbed around on top of speaker stacks. Lux arrived at a closed balcony tangled in stage rope, the blow up doll, and his microphone cord. The whole time Lux was being a Warfield jungle gym monkey the rest of the band kept playing the same monotonous rockabilly riff. Eventually he made it back down to the stage safely only to shatter his wine bottle and use a piece of the broken glass to rip his skin tight body suit to ribbons. The Cramps played all of my favorite tunes but I was especially pleased when they let loose with Human Fly, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, and Shortnin’ Bread.

Autumn stood in front of me during the whole show. I fondled her while she was grooving out. Occassionally, she turned around to kiss me and then returned her attention to watch the band. I kept grabbing at her which she seemed to dig. Through the fabric of her dress I felt straps of a garter belt which I didn’t expect. I was completely aroused.

When the show was over and Halloween revelers flooded through the lobby towards the street, Jay and I somehow lost track of Autumn’s car. We were supposed to follow the girls back to Autumn’s apartment in the East Bay but we screwed up and didn’t know where they had gone or which way they drove off. Jay tried valiantly to escape the downtown area but traffic, costumed pedestrians, and one-way streets plagued us for over an hour. By the time we finally made it to Autumn’s both Jay and I were starving. I hadn’t eaten anything all damn day. I felt ill. Autumn was the coolest thing ever though as she had chicken legs and pizza waiting for us. I love this woman! Super cool is all I have to say.

~ by factorypeasant on September 30, 2005.

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