Line Meeting Battleground

Our afternoon line meeting was a real hoot today.

I got in early, around one o’clock for the dayshift/swingshift touchy-feelie get together that I adore so much. Potatohead made some astounding observations about our instrument line. His intelligent comments sparked a shit storm of verbal insults and colorful hand gestures from the group. The conference room was rockin’, let me tell you. Musclehead looked like he was going to get up from his seat and choke Potatohead into unconsciousness at one point. Gary lashed out with fury at our bungling leader to which Potatohead shouted, “I am your supervisor! YOU don’t point fingers at ME!” Gary said some pretty funny stuff while he was shouting and shaking his bony finger in the general direction of Potatohead. Guess that really got to him and he completely flipped out.

A couple of ladies were on the verge of tears during the brawl. They looked like they wanted to shrink up and hide somewhere, but there was no place to go. I was surprised none of them simply ran out of the room. Squirrel has done that on occassion, just got up like a bat out of hell and fled a meeting with tears streaming down her cheeks. Oh, the drama. This time she stayed glued to her seat.

I would have to say, this meeting was truly the most entertaining I have ever been to here. It’s clear the battle lines have been drawn. It’s us against him, he is the enemy now. Potatohead is our prison camp commandant. Meth is sure to be one of the few enemy collaborators ready to sell us out at any and every opportunity just to further his own career.


~ by factorypeasant on September 23, 2005.

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