We’re doomed.

Something happened with the management team in the Sources Center this week. Nobody knows exactly what went down, but the result has been terrible for us. Our department manager moved my boss, Garden Tool, into Sources and replaced him here with Potatohead. That’s no good at all. Potatohead is bad news. If that wasn’t enough evil, they also swapped Material Coordinators. Sources got our best two people in one shot. We’ve got a fuckup Material Coordinator, The Factor, and an incompetant supervisor in trade. Great. I think I’m going to call our product area “Team Loser” from now on, since upper management keeps using us as a dumping ground for problem employees.

I’ve met Potatohead once before, it happened a couple years ago when I interviewed for the Spokane transfer project. I didn’t like Potatohead at all that day. Something about him was very, very wrong. I couldn’t decide if it was his lame attitude combined with the dumb shit coming out of his mouth during my interview. Or maybe it was because he looked like such a fucking mutant. His head is shaped like a lopsided watermelon and he’s got one of the oddest jaw lines I’ve ever seen. Totally dopey.

We had our first line meeting with Potatohead yesterday. He arrogantly stated to all of us, “If you make me look good, I’ll make you look good.” Everyone stared across the conference table at each other’s faces with disbelief in their eyes when he said that. I don’t know about them, but I’m not here to improve the image of a dunce manager. It’s not my job. Obviously Potatohead is an ego-boy that needs to be knocked back into reality quick like. I walked out of the conference room feeling like we were truly headed for disaster with this guy at the controls.


~ by factorypeasant on September 18, 2005.

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