Assault Rifle Bliss

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Funny, I realized I hadn’t been this excited since I was little and it was Christmas Eve. For the past two weeks I had been stoked about my weapon purchase and last night the anticipation of the road trip to go fetch it today was too much for me. With the lights out I stared at the ceiling for hours, then tossed and turned in my bed all night. I hate that.

The mandatory waiting period was over, Saturday was the day I marked on my calendar for picking up my rifle in Sacramento.

The trip to the gun shop I bought from was going to take me a little over two hours, the place was located on the eastern side of the city which was further away. Planning accordingly, I left at 6am and gave myself enough time for the drive there plus a stop in Dixon for a breakfast of eggs and pancakes. I always stop in Dixon to eat in the morning when I’m headed out that way. It’s an easy and fast destination point for fuel and grub. I like it.

I arrived at the gun dealer’s shortly after they opened and paid off the remaining balance on the rifle. I also bought a few thirty round magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Magazines are plentiful and cheap, but the ammunition was not. Twenty rounds per box of ammo cost close to three dollars. That sucked bad. I decided buying bullets retail was a sucker’s game and I had better find an alternative as soon as possible. I was planning on doing alot of recreational shooting hence I’d need loads of rounds for plinking with.

The rifle I bought is a Bulgarian made AK-47 from a company called Arsenal. Totally badass. It’s all black with a chrome lined barrel, superior milled machining on the metal parts (rather than stamped), and it’s got a built in muzzle brake/flash suppressor. Nice. After I got home with it this afternoon I put a 30 round mag into the receiver and set it out on my bed. Wicked. Just wicked. I can’t wait to take this thing out to the range and rip shit up!


~ by factorypeasant on September 8, 2005.

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