I Need A New Hobby

Even though months have passed since I moved out of Jennifer’s place once in a while I still become extremely depressed and lonely thinking about everything that happened. Most of the time I’ve been doing much better with it, but sometimes when I am not occupied enough my mind wanders backwards to her and I get all fucked up again. The solution is to stay busy. The problem is not knowing how to stay busy. I’ve been craving something exciting for a change of pace but nothing has sparked my interest.

Lately Senor 23 and I have been walking around the corner from the B Street house to a micro brew pub on 7th Street to get hammered and have dinner. Both of us are too lazy to do any serious cooking in our kitchen. The kitchen is generally mangy with colonies of bugs growing in pots and pans left discarded on the stove. The sink has a variety of different colored molds thriving. Ivy is still growing through the kitchen wall and emerging from our busted dishwashing machine.

We have a good neighborly relationship with the pub. They allow us to borrow tons of their pint glasses when we have a shindig at our place complete with multiple kegs and dozens of thirsty guests. All we have to do is promise to bring the glasses back the next day. I bought a gallon jug from the pub so I can pick a beer on tap and have them fill up my jug for ten bucks. Beer to go is a very happenin’ thing.

This evening the two of us settled in at the bar for some serious beer guzzling and dinner. After placing our dinner orders I happened to look up at the TV to catch President Clinton on the evening news whining about assault rifles. I didn’t get the whole gist of what was going on, but what I did piece together amounted to some sort of a national ban on machine guns and stuff that looked like a hell of alot of fun to shoot. I saw video clips of people at the range blasting refrigerators with round after round of belt fed ammunition. As I was watching I think a smile broke across my face, which Senor 23 noticed. I don’t own any guns, but I got to thinking that buying a gun before a federal ban was placed into effect might be a good idea. And shooting at the range is something exciting that would get me outdoors more often.

“There’s a gun show in Sacramento about two weeks from now. I was gonna go check it out. You want to go”? Senor 23 asked.
I thought about it for a moment. “I don’t have any money to buy anything, but I’d be up for the road trip. Sure, I’ll go. If anything else I can see what’s out there and price some things”.

The idea was appealing. I’ve been interested in firearms for years but for one reason or other I haven’t bought a gun. I don’t know where to begin and I know zero about guns except for the ones I’ve seen that look cool. This trip in two weeks will be a fact finding mission, nothing more. Should be fun though.

~ by factorypeasant on September 1, 2005.

6 Responses to “I Need A New Hobby”

  1. Anonymous:
    Go take your global warming bullshit somewhere else. What happened to the great global cooling scare of the 70’s? It went away. Now we have global warming? You fucking tree hugging enviro-nazis dont know shit. The earth’s weather patterns are cyclical. That means we go through cycles of warmer than usual weather and cycles of colder than normal weather. Idiot!

  2. whoa there Barley. no worries man, it’s a script some people are using to post advertisements on blogs that have been recently updated. they show up in the first hour or so after a new update and i been deleting them manually.

    that was a badass beatdown you dished out though. heh.

  3. guns kill people.

  4. TC-

    you fucker!

    where’s little Carol when i need her the most? she’d choke you with her arthritis ravaged hands for sayin’ that.

  5. Ok dude, sorry for the harshness, but I couldn’t resist. I think I know a Phish concert that they can attend. You can strike my previous post if you would like.
    As far as the guns kill people post. Ahh forget it. I dont have time…

  6. don’t worry about TC there. he’s a closet gun owner AND he’s afraid of the taxis. they’re out to get him you know.–>

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