Diversity Training: Lesson Two

Today’s role playing excercise was “Choose who you least would want to be.”

Once again each corner of the conference room had an easel placed facing towards the fifty or sixty employees in our group. I anticipated another waste of an eight hour shift doing this crap. The four easels represented characters no one would want to be in real life. They were: A homeless man living in his car with his two kids, an unemployed corporate executive manager that was gay, a black girl working at a 7-11 with a GED, and the last one had something to do with a Mexican. I already forgot what that scenario was about.

We were instructed by Diane Backwards to choose the character we hated the most, or would least want to be and go stand by that easel. For a few moments the entire room was filled with shuffling feet and people bouncing off one another. As the chaos settled down, our teacher had us tell the rest of the group why we had chosen the particular character. It was so fucking stupid. Do you know how long it takes 50+ people to explain shit like this to a crowded room of disinterested employees? Hours. I could have cared less. Minutes dragged by like an eternity and all I could think about was my customer boxes becoming later and later for their scheduled ship dates. I was angry.

At some point during the session, I made an interesting observation. A technician on the Precision Group named Barley, was missing. I hardly knew him, he was one of the few employees working in the Spokane division that accepted an offer to relocate to California when the instrument transfer was completed. Most of them hated California and refused to leave their Twilight Zone haven of Spokane.

Barley was here during the class roll call, but I didn’t remember him returning after our first fifteen minute break. Sneaky. The guy has balls.


~ by factorypeasant on August 31, 2005.

3 Responses to “Diversity Training: Lesson Two”

  1. fp
    Where the hell you been?
    Either you have a girlfriend taking up your time or you took a vacation. I have been going through withdrawals, pretty sad.

  2. hey there. nope no new girlfriend. the last two of ’em were total disasters so i think i’m gonna lay low on that scene for a while.

    i was on a trip through the deserts of Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho this past week. i left on tuesday morning and just got back last night. i’m really sunburned and tired.

    you can expect a healthy update in here over the next couple of days. i gots lots to yap about!

  3. Welcome back. Hope the trip was good.
    When the diversity lady told us to go stand by the board of which person we least wanted to be, I went and sat at my supervisor’s desk.
    Lookin forward to the updates.

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