Miss V

Supertech has codenamed a Romanian woman who works on the Precision Group “Miss V”. She’s a strange lady that has an insatiable hunger for young men. Particularly guys in their twenties. Nothing wrong with that, but she’s in her late fourties to early fifties and not attractive. Fortunately for me she isn’t after me or anything, but I think something odd is afoot between her and Wingnut Dan. I’m not sure though.

Miss V likes to wear incredibly tight tops and mini-miniskirts like she’s some bubblegum chomping high school girl. It’s not cool. It’s actually so bad that her appearance is comical. I’ve observed when she’s walking down the hallways and she happens to pass by some of our blue collar workers like building maintenance guys or electricians, they laugh at her. She never notices so no harm done I suppose. Miss V sticks out even worse these days as she just bleached her hair blonde. It’s shoulder length and entirely bright white blonde. Nobody can ignore it.

Rumor has it Miss V’s little boy looks just like the vampire kid Eddie Munster from the 1960’s television show The Munsters. I can kinda see that possibility because Miss V’s eyebrows are goofy looking and she has this weird widow’s peak in her hairline. Huge skateboard skidplate of a forehead she’s got, too. I talk to her a little bit every now and again, she seems pleasant enough. She’s not a great worker or a poor one, she just occupies space while she’s here and does a little man-hunting when she can. It’s amusing to watch her in action as long as she never pulls that crap on me. If she does, it will be like that moment in a Tex Avery cartoon where the main character thinks he’s about to get busy with a totally hot broad, only to have the curtains lifted, or the veil pulled away revealing a woman with the features of a horse. And then the hapless cartoon guy flees for his life screaming into the hills. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll flee the building screaming like a madman and run for the open fields in front of the factory parking lots.


~ by factorypeasant on August 7, 2005.

3 Responses to “Miss V”

  1. you fuckin suk you are a lier, no ones life kud b so muhch fun. you are a devil man. bad guy i hex you. now you are in the powerfull mojo deth trap.. staqy away from the door. it will only prolong your death. you will be my zombie. die zobie die. fuk u.

  2. fuk you

  3. i see you located a keyboard in oregon, didn’t know they had those up there…

    stay drunk and keep slippin’ one dollar bills to those strippers. we’ll see ya soon, f00.

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