‘It’ Quit

It bailed out of here, finally. I didn’t know, but Deadwood was pretty tight with It since the Spokane product transfer. I thought the only friend It had here was Computer Termite. Anyway, Deadwood figured it was okay to spill her guts about every detail of It’s past. I wasn’t interested or asked to know but Musclehead on the other hand, he was all ears. Apparently It wanted to be a woman but couldn’t afford sexual reconstruction surgery in the United States. So, It went to Germany to have the operation done. From what Deadwood says, the surgery was bungled and they cut It too deep. Everything was mangled. Yuk. Deadwood continued, she told us what It’s real name was before becoming a female, and a bunch of other personal information about It nobody should know. Ever. When she was finished, Musclehead yelled at her, “With friends like you Deadwood, who needs enemies? I ain’t tellin’ you shit about myself now ’cause you’ll just spread it all over the plant.” He was right of course, she definitely would spill her guts. I don’t think I’m going to talk about personal things while she’s around, either.

Upon hearing the news that It quit Bill and Dave’s, Supertech told me about a website that It started some time ago. The site is dedicated to the history of transistor radios and showcases hundreds of vintage radios that It has collected over the years. I was curious, and asked Supertech if he remembered what the site was called or if he could find it for me. He sat down and conjured it up pronto. I spent some time digging around through all the photos and I have to admit some of the old radios looked totally cool. What a nerdy hobby though. I’m not sure which hobby is more nerdy, people who collect glass insulators from telephone poles or this transistor radio junk.


~ by factorypeasant on August 7, 2005.

One Response to “‘It’ Quit”

  1. definetly
    You really hammered that one. Hardly recognizable.

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