Dingbat Fink

Squirmy hassled us severely about people who have been playing “a videogame” late on swing shift. All of us pretended to know nothing about it. I’m sure he figured out we were lying through our teeth. Out of frustration that no one came forward and told the truth and partially out of a petty desire to exert his control over us, Squirmy has contacted site IT. Their diabolical plan is to be here in the afternoon tomorrow to locate copies of Quake 2 on our PCs and eradicate it. I talked with Frau Regenbogen and he agrees that we can’t allow mere sub-humans like Squirmy, site IT, and a single dingbat housewife the opportunity to ruin our good times.

Frau Regenbogen claimed he could completely hide the Quake 2 .exe file so site IT could never find the program. He also promised to set it up in the run menu with a command line that only a few of us will know about. I was certain Squirmy was going to follow through with his threat so I asked the good Frau to get on with it and make the necessary changes in the PCs as fast as possible. Goofy as he is, Frau Regenbogen got right on it when no one was looking. Like a pollen crazed bumble bee he went to each PC and made his sneaky changes to the Quake 2 program files. First, he renamed the Quake 2 folder and .exe file to something random like 9t.doc. Then he set it up so it would only launch from the run menu of each machine with a seemingly innocent and completely unrelated command line. Those of us in on the covert plan committed the run menu command to memory. We won’t know if this deviousness succeeds until after site IT has arrived and attempted to purge our PCs of evil.

So how did this become an issue? We got kinda sloppy about when we fired up Quake 2. Normally we only did battle with the Network guys after 10 or 11pm when the majority of swing shift employees had gone home for the night. Most of us are so totally hooked on Q2 that we had to get in a deathmatch fix a little earlier in the evening on our nine o’clock break. One of the Precision Group dingbat housewives was still here. I think it was Super Shopper. Anyway, the dingbat saw us having fun and instantly her “no one around me can have fun” switch flipped. She apparently finked on us to Squirmy and he blew a gasket over the whole thing. It’s really not a big deal. The Network supervisor is cool with it so there’s no reason why Squirmy shouldn’t be down. I don’t dare tell him about Network though because I don’t want to take the risk of him going over there and raising hell with their people too.


~ by factorypeasant on July 30, 2005.

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  1. I would kind of prefer the link to keep my love of DM secret. We’re not ready to be open about it yet as he is OPP, Other Person’t P(enis,ussy,roperty etc)

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