Network vs. Signal

My buddy Dave is on the Network line, I’m in Signal. Our groups don’t hate each other or anything, and we work on completely different test instruments. We don’t have any opportunity for direct rivalry or competition but we also don’t interact much. You’re pretty much isolated to the products you work on and for the most part only socialize with the people in your area. Outside of that, each product line is sort of it’s own little world. Here at Bill and Dave’s company we happen to have a super fast network for data transfer from building to building, and site to site, worldwide. Nobody ever uses it for anything fun. At least not that I’m aware of.

A new game from ID Software came out recently called Quake 2. The shareware demo has multiplayer capability and we have snuck it onto a half dozen of our PCs up here in Signal like it’s some sort of crime. The Network guys have got the okay from their boss to screw around playing Quake 2 as long as it’s on their breaks or they’re off work for the evening. Up here in Signal we haven’t bothered to find out if it’s cool with the powers that be mainly because Squirmy probably won’t be down with it. We’re just loading it up and playing. It’s been a blast. Late at night before some of us head home we hop on and brawl against the Network guys. Dave and his crew have pretty much handed our asses to us consistently. It’s still a good time. I don’t have anything to do after work anymore. Nothing going on at home and nobody to go home to, so it’s really the only thing I look forward to each evening before leaving work.


~ by factorypeasant on July 29, 2005.

2 Responses to “Network vs. Signal”

  1. Dude, Quake 2 has been out for YEARS! It’s not a NEW game!! Doom 3 is a NEW game compared to Quake 2. As a matter of fact, the entire source code for Quake 2 is available for download!

    Sheeze, can’t believe you’re just now discovereing Quake 2.

  2. This episode took place in the latter part of 1997, when Quake 2 was first released.

    I guess I’ll have to explain this again. I’ve been keeping journals since 1985 and I have never published them. This blog begins in 1991 and is currently up to 1997-1998 timeframe. Posts that begin with a date in the headline (like 3.18.1994 for example) are pretty much word for word out of my journals. The rest of the posts are from memory. I have been receiving alot of help from coworkers who have filled in some details and stories I forgot.

    The focus of Bill And Dave Are Dead, is to expose all the stupidity and wrongdoing that has transpired while working for Bill and Dave’s company. Not only are Bill and Dave really dead, their spirit and outstanding business ethics are also dead.

    My goal is to get this journal/blog up to present day and time as quickly as possible. This has been a positive project for me and I’m looking forward to bringing the journal phase of the blog to a close in the near future.

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