Homemade Cookies And Diarrhea

At work we got a nice surprise. Eat Monster spent her afternoon at home baking cookies for all of us on swing shift. How sweet.

I stayed the fuck away from her and her grub.

Supertech and Mister Mo were hovering around the cookie platter as soon as they discovered it. Mister Mo grabbed a couple handfuls of the treats and started wolfing them down as Supertech looked on. The two of them were bullshitting when Eat Monster walked up to join in the conversation. Mister Mo made small talk with her. As she picked up one of the cookies and started chewing it to bits, she informed the two men about the tough time she had baking cookies earlier in the day. She said to Supertech and Mister Mo, “I had to keep running out of the kitchen to go to the bathroom. I got diarrhea today. Tee Hee!” Mister Mo halted his jaw and dropped the uneaten cookies in his hand. He was furious. Supertech laughed. If Mister Mo could have got away with it I think he would have punched her right there on the spot. I felt wise for avoiding Eat Monster’s home cookin’. We warned the rest of the crew and for the remainder of the evening the only person chowing down on cookies was Eat Monster.

~ by factorypeasant on July 24, 2005.

One Response to “Homemade Cookies And Diarrhea”

  1. bwuaaaaahhaaaaahaaaaaa
    imagine eating p00s c00kies.
    she doesnt seem like a type that washes her hands either…
    yummy,yummy,yummy scat flavored
    oreos hhhahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaa

    “thats not a chocolate chip, thats fecal matter”

    makes me wish that i had been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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