September Meeting Minutes

I’m still stuck doing this crap. Someone is going to pay for their crimes…

-Squirmy says no more eating of food in the production area. *Customers don’t like finding chicken bones inside their test instruments, huh?*
-Deadwood is training in assembly and still working in VID. It takes her 4 to 6 hours to complete a Ghost Box.
-Documentation change coming up regarding rear output RF connectors.
-Toothless is leaving the area. *Fuck yeah! Good riddance!*
-Lia is leaving the area. *Fuck yeah! Good riddance!*
-Slobbering Mouth Kid is still on the VID project.

-Four DOA units were returned back to the factory from Australia. He-Man investigated the problem and found the rear output RF cable on each box had become loose during overseas transport. He-Man retested the boxes after implementing a fix and they all passed.
-H72 options are hot. J2 said the first H72 box was at Mod Cal and being difficult. *Yeah it’s always difficult to test a unit while you’re eating a bag of potato chips, isn’t it J2?*
-Ghost Box orders are slowing up.
-Techs feel repairing dog boards doesn’t seem to be worth the money. *Lazy fuckers* He-Man says work them and if you can’t fix it hand the board off to an expert and they will solve the problem instead of scrapping the board.

Squirmy Stuff/Questions/Rumors
-Squirmy says our jobs are not going overseas. There are no new products to replace the ones we’re working on now and the company just purchased nine years worth of parts for our group.
-Squirmy wants to get the quote time for an ordered box to ship out from 10-12 weeks down to 8. *Good luck, fool.*
-23 instruments scheduled to build for next month.


~ by factorypeasant on July 8, 2005.

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