J1’s Baby

I’m sick of seeing J1 display his human larvae of an infant at work. He drops by the line at least once a week with his baby and wastes as much as two hours of time showing off his kid. Once or twice a year, I might be able to handle a baby show-and-tell visit. But once a fucking week is beyond annoying. It makes me thirst for his blood. I don’t really care for babies. I especially don’t care for dingbat housewives who just HAVE to see J1’s kid everytime he shows up in here with it. The women start talking to it in obnoxious high pitched baby voices. I want to mow them all down with a World War One water cooled trench machinegun when they do that.

Today J1’s visit was even more weird. He brought his young wife in with him to work. I was real curious about what she looked like because she seemed somewhat mentally ill by the way she carried herself on the phone. She calls up almost every night in a panic about something stupid that happened to her in their apartment and only conferring with J1 will solve her domestic emergencies. She seems unable to think for herself. Sure enough she looked as mentally ill as she sounds on the phone. Her eyes were wild and wide open as if she was on the edge of hysteria. Her blonde hair was long, unkept, and kinda greasy. She didn’t say much to anyone, instead she let J1 do all the babbling. He does that to all of us anyway.

As J1 and his family left the production area this afternoon I started ranting about how fed up I am with J1’s baby visits. I cornered one of our dayshift assemblers and shot my mouth off for a good three or four minutes. Near the end of my monologue to him I said, “Man, I can’t stand J1’s kid. It’s all goofy lookin and shit. We’ve seen it so many god damned times now it’s not like it changed or grew up or anything. It’s not special. Did you see his wife? I knew she was gonna turn out to be a screwball. I mean, how could she put up with living like that? J1 won’t let her have a car or a job. She’s stuck at home all day everyday and he won’t let her do a fuckin thing like she’s some kind of prisoner. Those people are messed up I tell you. Messed the fuck up.”

My coworker didn’t say a thing. He didn’t even blink, which was odd. I stood up and turned around to pick up some parts I needed from a bin right behind me. As I did so, I came eye to eye with J1. He was standing on the other side of the cubicle wall that separated our line from the main hallway in the building. Apparently, J1 and his wife hadn’t left the area yet and they heard everything I said. I done fucked up, hard. For a split second I thought about saying something weak, like an apology. Then I realized it wouldn’t do any good and I hated J1 anyway, so fuck it. I went with it. I grabbed the parts I needed and I went back to work without saying a word to J1. I figure the reason my coworker sat there frozen while I ran my mouth was due to the fact that he saw J1 walking by and stop in the aisleway to listen to my diatribe. Oops. Next time I’ll have to give him a few minutes worth of a head start out of here before I talk that much shit.


~ by factorypeasant on July 8, 2005.

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  1. s0 bust3d!!! *laff*

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