Still haven’t moved the Oldsmobile. Mom just called me here a little while ago to ask if I was moving it out of their garage today. I hadn’t planned on it and I told her there were three cars blocking my driveway so I wouldn’t be able to get it positioned up against the garage here at Jennifer’s place. She got mad and hung up on me. Before she did though, she said Dad did a drive-by to see if my driveway was blocked with cars parked out front and said there wasn’t. That was yesterday. Dad didn’t stop to say hello or anything, he just drove on down the road. Petty jerk.

I’m increasingly unhappy here with Jennifer. Nothing is ever going to change between her and I. So, I talked with Senor 23 and Eddie again about moving back to B Street with them and they were optimistic about the idea. Those two white trash room mates with the meth/tattoo action are being evicted by the property manager so they’ll have two rooms open soon. That’s great news for me. I don’t know where else I would have been able to move to with rent as cheap as B Street is. In a way, moving into the bachelor pad again will seem like a step backwards. I moved in with the woman because it seemed like the thing to do and I felt like I was growing up. Being with Jennifer has been a disaster though, and hanging out at B Street will at least be fun.


~ by factorypeasant on June 4, 2005.

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