Ricky Rockanova’s Episodes

Ricky Rockanova is in deep poop. He’s going to jail for child molestation! That’s right. I just found out about all of this. Ricky was having sex with a 14 year old girl for months. The girl’s mother put a restraining order on him, but he managed to continue to see the girl anyway. Dave mentioned a few times this little girl would roller skate over to their place to see Ricky all the time. I asked if the girl was hot or something, like if she looked older than 14 with makeup on but both Dave and Shawn said she looked like a normal plain-jane little girl and there wasn’t anything stunning or attractive about her.

Because Ricky feared the girl’s mother was going to turn him in to the cops for child molestation charges, he decided to turn himself in to the police. Now what you have to understand is, recently there was a high profile kidnapping/molestation/murder of a little girl in the small town that Ricky lives in. The case attracted nationwide media attention and the cops in that town are totally off the hook thirsty for vengeance. I have no doubt the local police were frowning down upon Ricky when he turned himself in and told them what his crimes were. The best part is, they made him write a confession which apparently was fifteen pages long. He wrote a detailed report for the cops about each and every sex act with the girl including sodomizing her. What a stupid bastard. Now he’s gonna have to register as a sex offender no matter where he moves in the States, and for the time being he’s on house arrest while they continue to investigate his case. Dave and Shawn wouldn’t let Ricky do the house arrest thing at their place so they kicked him out. They’re both happy to finally be rid of him. I warned Dave not to let that fuckup move into their house.

Dave told me about the months leading up to Ricky’s confession to the police, and his daily “episodes” that began in the livingroom. Well, that’s what Dave called them anyway, “episodes”. Each Ricky Rockanova episode would begin with either Dave or Shawn minding their own business in the livingroom drinking beers and hanging out. Ricky would come out of his bedroom and go into the livingroom. Once there he would stand in front of the guys, become emotional, and freak the fuck out in front of them. Ricky would yell all sorts of goofy self pity shit and then break his possessions to bits while Dave and Shawn would watch. He snapped his music CDs in half, smashed up small appliances and electronics, then do things like destroy his Sony Playstation games. While all this was going on Dave thought to himself Ricky was the biggest pussy he’d ever seen. Shawn told me it was plain funny.

During the last episode before Ricky moved out, Dave got so fed up with hearing Ricky whine about committing suicide that he marched Ricky out of the house and down the road to a bridge over a nearby river. He told him if he wanted to die, then hurry up and get it overwith as Dave was sick and tired of hearing about it. I guess from the story Dave told me he got Ricky standing up on the railing of the bridge, but he wouldn’t jump. Good thing I wasn’t there drinking beers with Dave at the time. I most certainly would have pushed Ricky off the railing and called it suicide anyway.

Lately Ricky has been telling people his name is Ricky Rockanova, or some other ridiculous shit like his real name is Desi Sinatra. He’s trying to hide the fact he’s a lowlife child molester. I hope people find out the truth about him regardless of the stupid aliases he’s using and run him out of the county.


~ by factorypeasant on April 12, 2005.

4 Responses to “Ricky Rockanova’s Episodes”

  1. Shit, sorry d00d. I’m a lazy bastard I guess. Seems like you got it covered pretty well though. I’ll add here that when he originally moved in with us, he told us that he needed to move in because the crazy lady(more like pissed off mom) was kicking him out because she found his nunchaku and ninja stars, or some such retarded bullshit. Of course the real reason is that she caught him fucking her little girl…

    I actually only got a quick glimpse of her one time, when she snuck over to leave some kind of love letter at the front step. She really did not look a day over 14.

    The reason for the “episodes” was that he didn’t know he would get house arrest at the time. He was freaking out about going to prison. We kept trying to tell him that the worst he’d get was probably some time in county. Most likely he’d be on work release at the farm. Of course it turns out he didn’t even get that.

    There was no way in hell he was gonna do house arrest in MY house. You can’t have a single beer in your refrigerator if someone in the house is on house arrest. I’m pretty sure his parents denied him as well…

  2. no problem d00d. must have been a wacky time for you and Shawn. i really do regret not being there to shove Rockanova off that bridge though. you shoulda done it. you would have been a hero…

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  4. email sent bro ask away.

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