Roses For Jennifer

I did a really good thing today.

I sent a dozen roses to Jennifer at her work. She must have been totally surprised and I feel pretty good about setting it up. When I got back here to the apartment after my shift today there was a message on my answering machine from Jennifer. She sounded really happy and thanked me over and over again for the flowers. I had them delivered during her shift because I wanted to make her feel special, and of course so her coworkers would see what a cool guy I am. Heh heh. A couple of days ago I lied to Jennifer so I could get her work schedule for the week. I told her I was going to order some parts for the Oldsmobile and I needed to know her work schedule so I’d know when she would be at home to intercept the shipment. She mentioned in the answering machine message that she figured out I was up to something. Jennifer is pretty smart and I probably should have come up with a more plausible lie, but hey it all worked out.

~ by factorypeasant on February 21, 2005.

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