Black Eye, Fat Lip

The Drunk has shacked herself up with another woman who came up to work on this project. Her name is Donna. Being the rumor mill that this place is, I heard Donna was married for 20 plus years and recently got divorced. Seems she decided to hop over to the other side of the fence and get busy with my beast of a boss for some woman-on-woman experimentation.

Every other week or so, one of the two of them comes in with a black eye or a fat lip. Sometimes both. Everyone has been speculating about what goes on when they get home each evening, but it’s pretty damn obvious to me. They’re both getting shitfaced drunk and then squabbling over stupid stuff. The squabbles turn into brawls and next thing you know they’re throwing each other down flights of stairs and punching the daylights out of one another. It’s kinda neat. I have seen rich, vibrant colors in the shiners they wear to work. It’s amusing to watch them try to play down the beating they got, as if nothing happened at all. I listen to them attempt to convince coworkers there really was an “accident” at home the night before and I laugh to myself. They’re just a couple of bad booze hounds in a stupid relationship.

I don’t think this product transfer could get any weirder.


~ by factorypeasant on February 21, 2005.

2 Responses to “Black Eye, Fat Lip”

  1. I think I see a mini-series here. Dyke Fights! Or at least an HBO special.

  2. Hey peasant as I told you today at work I was reading your blog backwards so it takes me a few pages to figure out who some of these colorfully nick named people are. Well after the first few words of this installment I instantly knew who “The Drunk” was, she worked in my area for a while, kind of a duel supervisor thing. Actually I’m not sure what she did cause she was rarely here and it didn’t take long for her to get canned. And the scuttle butt has it that she was hardly ever here because she got really tanked the night before or something to that affect.

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