Slobbering Mouth Kid has successfully buried himself deep into The Drunk’s ass. He’s been licking her booty so fiercely that she’s now grooming him for a test position working closely with the techs on our line. On one hand I’m happy about it because I will have to deal with him much less on a daily basis. This is good. His ignorance is astounding and very irritating to be around every day. The guy can barely hold a conversation much less speak any word with more than a couple of syllables in them. On the other hand I’m amazed at the lack of character judgement The Drunk has excercised in allowing Slobbering Mouth Kid to make this job move. I’m not really jealous. I’m just disappointed about it since I know I have much more technical experience than that guy has ever had. I told Mom about it and she agrees with me, but she also stressed the point that I can move up in this company by accepting a better position just about any time I want. That’s cool and all, but I think it would not be wise for me to move from this line any time soon. I’d prefer to stick around just to spite Slobbering Mouth Kid and the rest of these dummies. Also, it really wouldn’t look good if I quit this line after only having worked on it for a few months.

Mom isn’t doing so hot healthwise. She broke a toe a few weeks ago, and when she was in getting it checked out by the doctor they discovered her blood pressure was horribly high. I think Dad is right to worry about her health. Mom drinks too much. She’s a white wine soak. Add being overweight and no excercise to the mix for real trouble in the near future. That was the other main thing Dad complained to me about the whole weekend he was here. He’s frustrated about the shape Mom is in. Every time he tries to bring it up with her it starts into a fight. Of course alot of that has to be Dad’s approach though. He’s real shitty at trying to talk to us about stuff. Anyway, Mom never listens to reason and Dad is worried that she’s going to end up being a medical wreck in the hospital. The bills will pile up on them and wipe out what little retirement money they’ve managed to set aside so far. I think Dad is justified to be concerned, but all he ever really seems to be worried about is his bank account.


~ by factorypeasant on February 21, 2005.

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