TV Is More Important

I used to call Jennifer every night. I wanted to know how her day went, if she was okay, and if anything happened I’d need to help her with. She gave me the brush off so many times that I call her in the evening after a few days have passed. There’s no point in calling her daily anymore as she never has anything to talk about and she’s angry I’m interrupting her television shows.

Jennifer is a sucker for those stupid late-night soaps, as I call them. She obsessively watches crap like Melrose Place and 90210, or some shit. Personally I think shows like that are for people who are bored with their own life and don’t have any friends. A long while back Jennifer gave up on trying to get me to sit on the couch next to her and watch junk like that. I couldn’t handle it. I’d get squirmy and bored almost instantly and then I’d have to leave the room. The worst was when she dragged me to a few dinner parties her coworkers scheduled so they could sit down to dinner together just as the opening credits to Melrose Place came on the screen. I started to make myself scarce around the house on weeknights those shows were on. Too bad I didn’t have a garage to hide in like most guys do when their spouses or girlfriends are hassling them over inane shit like that. There is a sports field across the street though. I used to run over there and stand in the middle of the field and Jennifer couldn’t see or figure out where I had disappeared to.

Sometimes Jennifer will call me at the apartment after 11 when her shows are over, and have nothing to talk about. When I call her I generally get attitude and a rude “I’ll call you back”. The volume on the TV is so loud I can clearly hear it over the phone line, click. The line goes dead. Changing my calling tactics I attempted to avoid calling her during the mindless television action but she seems to be watching something else I didn’t anticipate when I made the call. There’s too many late night brain rotting soaps on the tube apparently. I’m unaware of all of them for the most part. I guess I’d rather stay home and read a book or something.

~ by factorypeasant on January 31, 2005.

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