Rewarded For Nothing

I’m here working for one of the most advanced technology companies in the United States.

I’m surrounded by lazy idiots.

Every other week it seems, my fellow coworkers feel they aren’t being rewarded enough for all the hard work they’re putting in to make this instrument transfer successful. I see them doing virtually nothing, day in and day out. We head into our weekly line meetings and someone like Slobbering Mouth Kid, or J2 will raise their hand and once they’ve been given the floor will pose the question, “When is the next company function? When is the next party?” Some of them seem to feel a sense of entitlement to being rewarded for a job well done. But it’s a job they haven’t performed at all let alone performed well done. The Drunk will usually say she’s working on it. Next thing you know there’s plans to go on a lake trip with dinner and all the booze you can drink provided by Bill and Dave for free. Or there will be some lavish lunch planned on a Friday at a resort near here and after the gig we get to go home paid for eight hours but we only worked a half day at the factory.

I would feel alright about this if these guys had actually done something constructive. If we really accomplished something towards the goal. Nobody is putting in much effort. I feel ashamed about it, like the company is being ripped off blindly as a whole and we haven’t earned the reward. I haven’t gone to any of the parties, and I don’t plan to. I stay behind at the plant after they’ve all left, and I finish up my eight hours on the job. I’d participate if I liked even just a couple of these people. I’d be there if we had done something worthy in the past couple of weeks but I don’t see much being done. It’s just a freeloader’s paradise and I can’t allow myself to take part in it. It’s not right.


~ by factorypeasant on January 25, 2005.

2 Responses to “Rewarded For Nothing”

  1. Dude,

    Where’d you go? You were posting like a madman for a while there, and now you’re lagging. I need to know what the troglodytes in Spokane do next. I need to know what happens to the hippies in the bead store. As a homeless guy outside the Paradise Lounge once said, “Break a piece off for a brother.”


  2. fixed, i think.

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