Bogus Weekend Visit

Jennifer was here for a weekend visit. While she was here, she was a total bitch. I met her at the airport and brought a dozen roses for her. She didn’t want them and acted very indifferent towards me. I didn’t get a big hug or a passionate kiss as soon as she saw me. I got nothing. Jennifer didn’t seem happy to see me or to be here in Spokane and I wondered if she had missed me at all. She said little as we walked out to the car and I hauled her luggage. The only thing she did tell me was that she wanted some food, but she didn’t give me any clue as to what she might like for dinner. So I started making suggestions like fried chicken, burgers, Chinese, a steak, and drove around the city. Nothing sounded good to her but she still wanted food. She was being difficult on purpose and it made me really angry. I tried to play it cool. She never did tell me what she wanted so we ended up at a drive through fast food dump.

We didn’t have sex until the last day she was here. Sex was the first thing I wanted to do with her when she arrived. Obviously our priorities are way out of sync with each other. I hadn’t seen her in a month and I missed her badly. During the weekend visit Jennifer went out of her way to be distant and annoying. I was completely depressed and I felt like the weekend was ruined. The worst part was the other night when I took her out to an expensive dinner at a resort in Coeur d’ Alene. I got dressed up and took her to a place called Beverly’s which is near the top floor of this resort high rise building. The window seating in the restaurant is cool because you can look out over the lake. Near the end of the meal Jennifer decided to inform me that she was going to “hold out” having sex with me. It was messed up.

Sunday afternoon we sat down and talked. Well, I did most of the talking as usual because Jennifer never talks. Not about relationship stuff anyway. I told her how I felt about the way she has been acting but I don’t think she understands how hurt and frustrated I become when she treats me like this. It’s a constant problem and sometimes I just snap. I suspect the main reason why Jennifer was being so lame was I had mentioned I got her some jewelry as a surprise gift. I wasn’t specific about what it was, however when she got back home she told me over the phone she was expecting an engagement ring from me. Heh. If she keeps this kind of shit up she isn’t going to see an engagement ring from me, ever.


~ by factorypeasant on January 14, 2005.

2 Responses to “Bogus Weekend Visit”

  1. Super ouchy. Man, I hope there’s gonna’ be a spectacular finish to this thread, like, with you in cuffs and her in a stretcher.

  2. Hmmm. Let’s say it had a spectacular finish, but not anything good for me. No sir.

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