‘It’ Arrives

There’s been talk of a few stragglers from California finally showing up to work in the Spokane site over the past few days. One of them happens to be a technician, and people here have been acting really strange when they mention the person’s name in conversation. Some start to snicker, others shake their head in disgust. Nobody really tells me anything around here so I’ve noted they act weird when bringing this technician up and then I promptly forget about it.

My eyesight isn’t so great anymore. It’s perfect for working with electronics at a workbench but after about ten feet or so everything gets blurry. Sometimes when I’m working on stuff that doesn’t require safety glasses I take my spectacles off and bury my nose in the work. I didn’t have my glasses on when It walked past me in the hallway.

What I thought I saw with my blurry eyesight was a tall dirty hippy guy lumber past my desk wearing women’s clothes. It was wearing a knee length jean skirt, heels, and a tight pink fuzzy sweater. It’s hair was blonde and appeared long and straight which hung almost down to It’s behind. Something about the hair didn’t look right for a woman though. I thought it looked more like a guy’s hair, because it was kind of dull and ratty. Women don’t do that to their hair. Hippy guys do though. Also, the way It walked in the hallway didn’t seem right for a woman. You can tell alot about someone by the way they move, and women don’t walk like that. The It walk was wide stepped and fast paced with no girlie butt wiggle. The hands were too large for a lady as well. I was confused.

By the time I put my glasses on, It had trucked on down the hallway and was far off disappearing into a wall of test equipment. I decided to investigate. I got up from my desk and followed It into a test area that belonged to another instrument line. I didn’t know any of the people there so I wandered in acting like I was looking for something and kept moving so no one could ask if I needed some help. Sure enough when I caught up with It, I realized it was a dude. It was attempting to be a woman, and the act was not passable as female at all. Just looked to me like an old hippy guy wearing women’s clothes. There were scrawny boobies under that tight fuzzy pink sweater. Yuk. Oh yeah and he was wearing gold butterfly earrings. Whoa. This was so bad It was comical. I mean, if you’re gonna do this kind of thing at least try to do a good enough job of it to fool a few people. Please.

This kind of action is not going to go over well with the Spokane crowd. I can already tell.


~ by factorypeasant on January 8, 2005.

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  1. Ouch.

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