I’m sitting in a Starbuck’s on Hamilton and Sharp streets in Spokane. I wanted a light breakfast and I needed to get out of the apartment and see some other stuff around the city. Sitting at the window I can look out onto busy Hamilton street. I watch people and cars pass by for a while.

I worked a four hour overtime shift this morning. Then I went home and called Gabe. He said Mr. Janitor has not been at work for two weeks because his father died. So I told Gabe what he ought to do when Mr. Janitor comes back to work is walk up to him and say, “Hey Mr. Janitor. Know what I did this weekend? I hung out with my Dad.” Gabe said, “Yeah. My Dad is pretty cool Mr. Janitor. Know why? ‘Cause he’s alive.” We were laughing pretty hard. I miss talking to fucked up people like that. Right now I miss all my former coworkers at TDS. Being here and working with all these rejects is a nightmare. The Spokane people don’t like me because I’m from California and I’m stealing their jobs. And I don’t like the California people because they are a bunch of obnoxious assholes that refuse to do any work and keep taking every advantage of the company. So on the weekends I don’t hang out with either group of people. I’m always on my own.

Things are really depressing right now. I have nothing to look forward to each day when I arrive at work, I have nothing to look forward to when I get back to my apartment each evening. Thanks to Jennifer I have little to look forward to when I get to go home in a few months. About the only thing I can count on when I get back home is seeing my friends. When I get back I’m definetly gonna get hammered with a bunch of them and try to forget Spokane exists.


~ by factorypeasant on January 8, 2005.

3 Responses to “7.20.1996”

  1. You must have writers cramp today. This is getting interesting.

  2. I’m starting to like this crappy-ass Spokane like weather we are having, you do more writing than usual. Glad the Jennifer era is in the past. Trust me, we all have had Jennifer-like relationships in our lives that we regret. Glad you moved on.

  3. thanks for the comments, gang. glad to have ya both around readin’ my scribbles.

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