Catch 22 Part Two

I was and still am confident we built good units the whole time. When the new written procedures finally hit the production floor, they were already outdated. They appeared to be even older than the LRIP3 documentation we were previously working off of. So as far as accuracy was concerned the LRIP3 paperwork was more valid. They had to go back and re-update all of the LRIP4 procedures to make them look just like the LRIP3 stuff. To me this seemed like it would be a really easy job, all they had to do was practically cut and paste. But in some cases this took these losers weeks, even months. The document control department at TDS is seriously lacking.

New procedures as they are released need to be rewritten to bring them up to date. Since February I am finding things in the documents that are too vague, items that were completely omitted, or just plain incorrect. Every time I find one that’s jacked up I send it back. Manufacturing continues throughout all of this mayhem even though Richard ordered us to stop production as these situations arise.

What really angers me about all this is no one in management cares that the procedures are first and foremost a training resource for all of us factory peasants. All they are focused on is being able to show some Government auditor that revision letter B is on the traveler and on the corresponding procedure. I doubt any of them care what the procedure actually says, really. Most of the documentation is so poorly written that after reading one you would not be able to perform the job. You have to rely on the experience of others to get the information you need to perform the work properly. This isn’t the way things should be. The written instructions should be so good that if you had to, you could read them and then do the job without any assistance from a trainer. The whole situation is so frustrating to me.

So many copies of procedures have flooded into the Closed Area that another problem arose almost instantly. How do you know the copy of the procedure you have in your hand is the most updated version? You don’t. Master lists of the documentation showing each current revision that should be on the shop floor haven’t been created. Just until two weeks ago we had four binders full of the exact same test procedure. In one example I went to find a copy of a particular test procedure and I came up with five different versions of how to do the job. So which one was I supposed to use?


~ by factorypeasant on December 25, 2004.

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