Jennifer, The Manipulator


Lately Jennifer has been trying to turn up the heat to get me to move in with her. She lives a few blocks away from the B Street house. I’m happy here at B Street so I feel reluctant to leave. I have doubts about my relationship with Jennifer on a number of levels and I am concerned about her motives for wanting me to live with her. She’s been leaving me lots of little notes about us living together… and getting married. Honestly, I have a bad feeling about it.

The main reason why I’m not too keen on cohabitating with her is because our sex life is so dull. It’s not my speed at all. Jennifer always has excuses for why she doesn’t want to have sex and it really bothers me. I figure that if our relationship is going to be strong we should have a healthy amount of intimacy between us. Rarely, if ever does it happen. It’s extremely frustrating. I become angry and depressed the more I think about it. I dwell upon all of this too much. Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane thanks to her, and I wonder if anything would change for the better if Jennifer and I were living under the same roof together.

Over at Jennifer’s place she has a room mate named Nikki. Nikki is a nice enough person. She seems to me to be fairly respectful of Jennifer’s space. Not so if you listen to Jennifer talk about her. In recent weeks I get the feeling Jennifer has been trying to drive Nikki out of the house, so to speak. Instead of asking her up front to move out, Jennifer has been going out of her way to be rude, and annoying as possible to Nikki and her boyfriend Chris whenever they are around. I suspect Jennifer is plotting to have a vacant room soon so she can rope me into leaving B Street. I’m being painted into a corner and I know it.

There’s a sinister twist to this whole developing situation. I caught Jennifer sabotaging Nikki’s condoms with a sewing needle the other afternoon. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. She was running the needle through the back of the condom wrappers where the directions are written. That way Nikki would be less likely to notice any holes, she said. I guess Jennifer figures if Nikki gets pregnant she will have to move out to be with Chris.

I am dealing with a girl that uses some seriously warped logic. It scares me. I’m also completely obsessed with her. I can’t help it…


~ by factorypeasant on December 22, 2004.

3 Responses to “Jennifer, The Manipulator”

  1. Run. Run away.

    Remember the immortal words of my racist, misogynistic, and deceased grandfather: “Women are like busses; another one will come along in twenty minutes.”

  2. I think at this point those twenty minutes have already come and are long gone many times over. And no new bus so far.

    Jennifer was a problem in my life. I made huge errors getting back together with her, and I suffered for it. I feel to be true to this project here I must write about bad decisions I’ve made in the past. I have to write about the people I have hurt. Otherwise this won’t carry much weight or purpose.

    The last woman that I was with treated me like I was king, not crap. Usually that isn’t the way things go for me. Over the past few months I spent alot of time thinking about her and our relationship together. In many ways she is going to be irreplaceable. Jennifer on the other hand, well, I think she’s broken beyond repair and always was. I was just too stupid and blind to see it.

  3. All women are broken.

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