A Brad Song

Dave dislikes Brad even more than I do. He wrote a little song about him that I think accurately sums up Brad’s life. Today, after I got settled in at the front of the production line Dave handed me a sheet of paper with his Brad song lyrics on it. As I started reading it I totally began laughing out loud.


His name is Bradley *****
And he thinks he’s the best
Just ask him and he’ll tell you
Along with the rest
Of his bullshit stories
And his stupid life
Don’t ask him about his phone
Or his dumpy-ass wife

Fuck you and your “tight parameters”
You say you worked with engineers
When you really flipped hamburgers

His name is Bradley *****
And he is a boob
He is so square
That his head is a cube

Egghead freak
Who said you could speak?
You fuckin’ geek
I’m gonna knock your ass into next week

You think you know it all
But you don’t know shit
All mouth and no mind
I call you Bradley Tit
‘Cause you’re a boob
And a fucking braggart
You’re a Jesus loving fool
And you pray to Jimmy Swaggart


~ by factorypeasant on December 22, 2004.

2 Responses to “A Brad Song”

  1. I need a tune to put this too…


  2. Yeah- that’s awesome!

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