USCG Lifer

Mr. Tit has told me practically everything about his entire life. I didn’t ask.

Brad ended up here because the US Coast Guard has been shutting down all of it’s LORAN stations and he was transferred to our neck of the woods. LORAN, if you haven’t heard of it before is a way to navigate pre-GPS systems. It stands for LOng RAnge Navigation and relies heavily on radio frequencies broadcast from installations that often times were placed in very remote locations. Since satellite GPS has arrived, LORAN has been effectively rendered obsolete. These days Mr. Tit is just a desk jockey of some sort in the Coast Guard and he’s been in for 13 years. His second job is working with us here at TDS. It sucks. I imagine that Brad must have been horrible to work with for months at a time in an isolated base messing with LORAN equipment all day and all night. It’s a wonder no one killed him by now.

The thing that bothers everyone here about him is his arrogance. You can’t teach him anything, because he already knows it all. Brad hasn’t demonstrated much ability or skill at anything so far though. Some of our engineers have been put off by the nitwit due to his poor attitude. Joe, one of our guys on dayshift summed Brad up nicely. “He’s a lifer. That’s what they call people that make government service a career because they can’t make it on the outside.” Joe is absolutely right.

I suspected the reason TDS lost the BioControl contract was due in part to the temporary workers we had on the project. People like Brad. All of the temps were doing weird shit to the units. One night Brad even admitted to me that while he was working on the BioControl project he changed programs and parameters on some of our manufacturing equipment without approval or permission. He never told anyone about it. Who knows what he may have done that bungled the process, but I bet he was wrecking stuff constantly.


~ by factorypeasant on December 20, 2004.

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