Camera Obscura

Inside the TDS building there’s the room where I fill up liquid nitrogen tanks for use in the Environmental Lab. It’s generally very dark, unless the roll up garage door is open. Somewhere in the wall next to one side of the roll up door frame there’s a tiny hole. On a bright, sunny day light comes in through the hole and it casts a perfect upsidedown image of the parking lot on the opposite wall inside the room. Barney goes back there and checks it out for a few seconds before starting his shift almost every day. The only time I’m in there I have the roll up door open so there’s too much daylight to see the Camera Obscura on the facing wall. Occassionally though when I use that room as a thoroughfare to get to the hallway or go upstairs to John’s security office I can see the upsidedown world of the parking lot cast brightly on the wall. It’s kind of a trip.


~ by factorypeasant on December 20, 2004.

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