A Memo From John

To: All Employees
From: Facility Security Officer
Subject: THEFT

We have a problem here at TDS- there are thefts occuring. Earlier this month, Nick, TDS Employees Association President distributed a memo alerting you to the fact that food and money has been stolen from the Employees Association. Unfortunately, the thefts go beyond that. In addition to equipment and tools; personal items like jewelry, small radios, tape players and sunglasses have been taken.

Now, the matter has become even more serious. Money has been stolen from the company’s Petty Cash Fund. These thefts, on the surface, look like isolated incidents but collectively they are more serious than they appear. So, it is absolutely essential that each TDS employee fully understands the company’s position regarding theft.

TDS will not tolerate theft of any kind.

A thief, at TDS, faces a variety of administrative and punitive sanctions:

-Company disciplinary actions which include dismissal.
-An Adverse Information Report to the Defense Investigative Service.
-FBI notification, if warranted.
-Civil suit action, under some circumstances.
-Criminal prosecution, both state and federal.

The idea is to make larceny (that’s what this is) as “painful” as possible under the law. And, at least one of your fellow employees will experience that “pain” because TDS intends to take action against any thief. That includes any employee who knows who is responsible for the thefts and fails to report it. Anyone who protects a thief, becomes party to the theft.

It is obvious that some of our employees have knowledge about the thefts. So, if YOU have any information pertaining to any theft, now is your opportunity to come forward. You can do the right thing for yourself, your co-workers, and the company by sharing that information in confidence. Contact either the FSO or someone in your management chain – now!


~ by factorypeasant on December 18, 2004.

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