Ricky Rockanova Part Three

Years ago Ricky decided he wanted to be an FBI agent. He had been watching a TV show by David Lynch called “Twin Peaks”. I don’t watch much television but I knew one of the main characters in that show was an FBI agent. So Ricky decides from watching Twin Peaks that FBI agents are cool and their work must be alot like the TV show. He appears at the FBI office downtown and tells them how he wants to become one of them. When they ask why does he want to become a part of the FBI he tells them all about Twin Peaks. From that moment on I’m sure the agents in the office knew they had a borderline nutcase on their hands.

During their conversation Ricky decides that I would like to be an FBI agent as well. He called me up from their office and attempted to get me to drive over and sit down with these people. I imagined the audio tape was rolling and some chain-smoking FBI agent was sitting in a dimly lit room with headphones on listening intently to everything I said over the phone. It creeped me out. I told Ricky that those guys had better things to do with their time than talk to him about joining the FBI just because of a TV show he watched. I suggested it would be a good idea to leave them alone. Ricky eventually got my drift and he reluctantly left. Thanks to him I was probably put on some FBI watch list…

Here I am years later, still being a friend to this idiot. I had so many chances to walk away from Ricky and all his bullshit but for some reason I never did. Sure wish I had. After the US Air Force rejected Ricky and he lost a couple more jobs I felt sorry for him. I helped get him in here at TDS and he’s done nothing but cause trouble since he was hired. I look like a fool as a result of it. Ricky eventually demanded Senor 23 and I give all of his stuff back. Too bad I sold all those CDs. I’ve been in trouble with him over that ever since. On a daily basis at work Ricky rings on the doorbell buzzer of the Closed Area and asks for me. When I show up to talk to him Ricky tries to get me into a mentally ill argument about buying him CDs that he never gave me. He also demands cash. Alot more cash than his stuff would have cost even if it was brand new. This daily routine has been going on for weeks and I’m so tired of it. I fucked up, I did a bad thing and I’ll make restitution for it but in the process I’m not going to get roped into giving him more than what he actually had. I never should have taken anything from this guy. I should not have returned his call when he left that overly dramatic message on my machine. I should have just washed my hands of him.

Ricky has been working across the hall in the commercial department. He is supposed to be assembling micro electronic multiplexers. They are difficult to build and the equipment is sort of worn out. It takes alot of patience and skill to get these things put together without mangling them. Instead of paying attention and doing his job, Ricky wanders around the plant flapping his gums at anyone who will listen. He also spends a substantial part of his shift talking on the phone. Most of the time when I walk by the windows of the commercial area I can see him standing against the wall with the phone in his ear just yapping away. Hope he gets busted down and thrown out of here. As soon as he gets himself fired I’m definetly going to be done with him. I hope I am here when they can him. I want to watch them drag him through the lobby and toss him onto the street.


~ by factorypeasant on December 12, 2004.

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