Ricky Rockanova Part One

I first met Ricky Rockanova when I was hired in over at Bill and Dave’s company. He seemed to have a friendly and generous enough personality so I started to hang out with the guy. Ricky looks alot like a rockabilly version of Jay Leno. Same facial appearance and jaw line, but Ricky has his hair pulled back into a sort of 1950s pompadour cut. His haircut is retarded actually but he seems to attract really good looking women anyway. I’m amazed at how he can bag them all the time when he acts like such a fucker to them and looks so goofy. He really treats the ladies bad.

Things started to go sour between us after I hooked him up with Gina in the PC board department at Bill and Dave’s. He treated her like she was a sack of rocks and I felt really bad about it since I was the one that played matchmaker and got them set up. It made me look like an asshole. There’s a saying that goes something like “people will judge you by the company you keep.” I got lumped into the asshole bucket with Ricky and I really wasn’t into it. I should have sat down and thought about it some more but like a dummy I made up excuses for him and kept our friendship going. What a huge mistake that turned out to be.

Ricky began having alot of problems with co-workers and various managers at Bill and Dave’s. Most of his problems were entirely his fault. He ran his mouth too much and shot it off frequently at the wrong people. He wound up working in one of our clean room departments at another site and got into trouble with a fellow worker over missing tools. Apparently Ricky accused an old man of stealing tools from his toolbox on the opposing shift. He could never prove anything against the old guy but because he was so vocal about the incidents management started to think Ricky was some sort of a nutjob. The last thing I heard was all of a sudden he wasn’t working there anymore. His excuse was that he got into a car accident in the company parking lot while in a company shuttle van. None of it made any sense. I smelled an elaborate lie and I am fairly certain he got fired for personality issues on his production line.

Feeling sorry for someone can cloud your judgement and make you do some stupid things. I did something very stupid recently. TDS is still hurting really bad for bodies and I know Ricky has been out of work since he got canned at Compumotor. Management here has been hitting me up for recommendations on anyone I personally know… so I threw Ricky’s name into the hat. I shouldn’t have done that. Just like playing matchmaker, playing job recruiter can also reflect negatively on the person making the recommendation and I didn’t give that enough consideration. In the short time since they hired him in here he’s been causing all kinds of trouble for people in the commercial department across the hall. He’s turned into a large liability to me here and I don’t know what to do about it. I suppose there is nothing I can do now. It’s too late.


~ by factorypeasant on December 9, 2004.

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