Gabe Gets Some Flowers

As I predicted, Gabe has been the latest victim of Hammerhead’s romantic desire.

When Gabe got hired in he was assigned to a job on the other side of the building cutting substrate materials and doing some kind of automated test in a darkened room. The materials he and Hammerhead work with are light sensitive so half of the area they work in together has almost no overhead lighting. How cozy for the two of them! We’ve been terrorizing Gabe about it during our daily break in the parkinglot. It’s funny because as Dave says, Gabe wears his heart on his shirtsleeves. When I start ripping him up I’m like a shark smelling blood. I become a frenzied machine of cut-downs. The guy needs to not show any kind of emotion and come back on me with something equally harsh, but he hasn’t been able to appear and perform. Oh well. I really do like the guy. He’s got a good sense of humor and he seems to be really creative. Gabe isn’t stupid or anything.

The other day on our first break he seemed more agitated than usual. When we asked him what was up, he told us that Hammerhead had brought him in a bunch of flowers with a card. I can understand why he’s angry and weirded-out. If Hammerhead brought me flowers at work I’d be pissed off and kinda worried, too. However I never would have told the rest of the guys about it. Gabe learned a harsh lesson in the parking lot that day. Don’t ever tell the rest of the guys Hammerhead bought you flowers. He will probably never live this one down. From here on out I reckon we will not let him forget it. It’s too much fun tormenting him anyway. Yessir.


~ by factorypeasant on December 2, 2004.

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