What’s That Smell?

They’re running me into the ground.

I’m working on assembly processes in the Closed Area, final test, environmental test back in the lab, and I’m running upstairs throughout the night to do some testing on a prototype artillery gun flash detection system. I’ve been thinking about wearing two watches now because I have to time some of the tests in various parts of the building and be there at the right moment to keep things going. It’s been insane. At least the shifts are flying by.

Usually a couple hours after dark I’ve been noticing this horrible smell on the second floor of the building. It’s always in the office section just outside the lunchroom. It hangs in the air so thick that sometimes I barrel through the area and I hold my breath. It smells like rotten green onions mixed with the worst under arm body odor and a dash of stinky feet. Just awful. I have no idea what’s causing it but I’d sure like to find out and do something about it if possible. It annoys the hell out of me every time I have to go through that part of the facility to get to my next test setup. The weird thing is like I said it only happens at a certain time of night in this one part of the building. Damn strange.


~ by factorypeasant on November 23, 2004.

3 Responses to “What’s That Smell?”

  1. Yo Mean Man,
    You sure it’s not just a dead rat or some hobo hiding out underneath the floorboards? I’ve smelled dead cats etc. on the ranch i used to live at and it’s not a goood smell.

    ~Teh Shiny One~

  2. Or maybe it’s just flo’s breath lingerin’…

    ~Shiny of teh One~

  3. greetings, shinyBuddha!

    the true source of the foul odors was eventually discovered. all will be revealed to you soon…

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