The Rumors Are Flying

Every job I’ve worked at always turns out to be a cesspool of employee gossip and company rumor. I should not be surprised that it happens so much but for some reason I’m still amazed at it. The latest rumor here at the Optical Lab is that the U.S. Government is considering coming back as a customer for the color shifting pigment. If they do come back and use it on the dollar bill, the employees speculate that we will become like the U.S. Mint and we will step up security significantly. While all of this makes sense, the rumored increase in security and procedures I’m hearing about does not. The story I keep hearing is that we will have the Army Reserve here guarding the facility and watching all of the employees for any mischief. Some of the women have been chattering about how Army Reservists will have to be stationed in the bathrooms to make sure they aren’t stealing pigment or contacting the Soviets or some junk while they’re sitting on the toilet. It’s retarded, and many of the employees are not only buying into this garbage but they are pissed off about it like it’s already happened. Idiots. I say worry about it when it happens. And it’s unlikely that it will happen.

If the Government does come back at some point as a customer I really don’t see them increasing security to such a draconian level. Sure, some necessary precautions will have to be taken but having dopey Army guys escort us to and from the crapper is just damn dumb. I seriously doubt anything like that would be allowed in the first place. What is interesting to me is how many fellow employees have already resigned themselves to thinking that the rumors are true. They have no proof that any of this is for real. I could have alot of fun here making up shit and spreading it around the factory. I mean, these people are gullible to a degree I haven’t seen before. Maybe they’ve all been working on the graveyard shift for too many years and their brains have gone kinda soft.

~ by factorypeasant on October 25, 2004.

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