Woman Woes

Jennifer said a couple of shitty things to me last night. She didn’t stay over and for the rest of the evening I was angry and depressed. I hadn’t seen Jennifer in years, since just after high school actually. Things were always off-center with her and it seems that this time around we’re off to a bad start seeing each other again. She hasn’t changed much.

I left the house and went over to MerrySue’s place. When I got to her driveway I looked up and saw all the lights were on and she wasn’t alone. I debated for a few minutes whether or not to bother her and then just said fuck it and went up and knocked on her door. MerrySue asked me how I was doing. I replied honestly that I wasn’t doing too great, but I’d most likely live. She thought for a moment and told me I’d be fine. Then she said I should stay away from girls like Jennifer and that if I did, I could have any woman I wanted. At the time I thought I wanted Jennifer but I also had a real bad feeling about her in my gut.

I didn’t feel like going back home yet and Carrie’s place was a few blocks away so I drove over there. I hadn’t seen Carrie since the last time she came over to my house with a bunch of her friends in tow. They were drunk and dancing around like a pack of fools. It was obnoxious and I was glad when they left. Just before Carrie walked out the front door that night she came back to my room. She kissed me and told me she missed me. As she kissed me I told her she was lying. Then she left.

When I got to Carrie’s place all the lights were on and a bunch of racket was coming out of the house. I walked inside and saw Carrie, Heather, and Tiffany getting drunk and dancing around with a bunch of friends from out of town. They were running low on booze so Heather and I went to the store for some beers and a bottle of shoddy whiskey. The whiskey was for Tiffany. As soon as we got back I went after my two 22oz. beers and then had about six shots of whiskey with Tiffany and Heather. I was pleasantly drunk. Heather talked to me about old cars for a long time because she really liked one of mine. She was hoping I might come over sometime soon to take a look at her old Rambler and maybe help fix it. What the hell, I’d give it a try.

I enjoy watching Tiffany get drunk. She gets all badass after she’s had some whiskey in her and she tries to start fights. She’s tough. This night she was kinda weird though. She showed me a bunch of pictures of her with bleached blonde hair. The whole time I’ve known her she’s always been a redhead. I think she’s already very attractive but as a blonde I was almost knocked over. She looked really good. She’s apparently only into skinhead guys that treat her like shit.

Carrie looked dead. And I don’t mean like in a cool gothic way either. The whole night she looked pale as a ghost. She looked bad. More frail and skinny than I’ve ever noticed before. I’m very glad things didn’t work out between Carrie and I now because she’s really a freak. I see how petty and useless she is. Carrie attempted to wrap me around her little finger and it definetly aggivated me. Senor 23 saw it all happening and he tried to get me to snap out of it. One night he listened to me rant about her for a long time. He’s a good listener. I guess he was pretty pissed off Carrie was jerking me around so to get even with her he pissed all over her sunglasses. He didn’t tell me about it until late one night after we left Carrie’s house. She always kept her sunglasses in the bathroom for some reason and Senor 23 thought it would be a good idea to pee on them for me. Good old Senor 23. Every time I think about that night I smile.

It got very late, I was hammered, and it was time to go home. When I went in to say goodnight to Heather and Tiffany I found Tiffany on the floor crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she didn’t think much of herself. I told her she was pretty and she shouldn’t feel that way about herself. I was genuine when I spoke to her but I’m sure she didn’t believe me or really care anyway. Then I got up and left. I’m going to miss all three of them actually. Tiffany and Heather are moving out at the end of the month to go back to Colorado. I’ll miss Heather the most though. She’s damn funny to be around. Carrie is going to still be here in town but I’m certain I won’t see her anymore. Maybe that will be for the best. She’s only funny when she’s dancing in a strobe light to rap music. The rest of the time she’s kinda dumb.

I drove home drunk after three in the morning. When I parked the car behind the B Street house I realized that the whole way home I didn’t have my lights on. Good thing I didn’t run across any cops…


~ by factorypeasant on October 20, 2004.

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