We had a minor problem at the house last week. It could have become a big problem but we got lucky I guess. My room mate Shane is an aspiring actor. He was recently cast in a local production of “The Music Man”. Apparently the director of the production got thrown out of the place he was living. I didn’t get the details but I’m sure it had to do with money. Joe, being the big-hearted guy that he is, let the director move in temporarily at our place. I wasn’t asked how I felt about it. The director was there one day and moved himself into the attic. He was going to be here with us until the end of the month. I didn’t like the idea too much but I kept my mouth shut about it.

Turns out this “director” was a crack addict who was borrowing big items from his close friends and then pawning their belongings off for quick cash to buy more drugs. I think he did some straight up robberies too. Not sure though. We were lucky none of our stuff got stolen. Joe threw the guy out just before some of this came to our attention. Joe went out and changed all the locks on the house, just in case. I think the worst part of this was Shane realizing the director used him. I think Shane feels like a chump right now. There’s nothing worse than feeling stupid after you discover you’ve been duped. Hope he drinks a few more of my beers in the ‘fridge to feel better.

One more of the bums from the mission around the corner just walked over and started picking up some of Joe’s cigarette butts from our driveway in the back yard. There be hoardes of bums here, matey. I’ll never understand bums and after that attempted rape incident in the back alley now I really hate bums. I never gave bums much attention before that night, but now I’m watching them. The other night when I came home from work it had just finished raining. The car sounded extra vicious because the air was so still and quiet. I was kinda drunk. As I drove up the side of our block that has the easier entrance to the back alley I delibrately woke up all the bums sleeping in their cars. I burned out and fish-tailed around that corner and slid sideways perfectly into the alley entrance. The dual exhaust bellowed into the night and all the sleepy bums were startled awake. Hehe.

I got loaded that night at Bill and Dave’s. We had a celebration with all you can drink beers for a few hours to celebrate something. I don’t remember what it was for. They do that at Bill and Dave’s company alot though. Oh yes now I remember what it was for. We were accepted into some ISO 9000 program. It’s a European thing I think, and it’s a set of standards we have to adopt in order to sell our stuff in the European market. So that’s what the celebration was for. I guess the ISO 9000 certification was a big deal for the company. I had a good old time at the gig and I didn’t leave work until two in the morning.


~ by factorypeasant on September 8, 2004.

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