I slept in late today so I wouldn’t have a hangover. Senor 23 and I went to the park by his house late in the afternoon yesterday and drank beers there, then we came back to the apartment and I made us some grub. We were hammered.

Joe gave me some bad news today. He can’t get me a job where he works. Joe has been working at a newspaper office from five in the afternoon until two in the morning for a few weeks now. I was hoping they were looking for more people to do art-prep work before the paper heads off to the presses. Looks like it’s no dice. There isn’t much left for me here in the area and I can’t think of any reasons why I should stay. I’ve even been thinking about joining the service. I’d probably go Army but I haven’t talked to a recruiter yet. The fact is I can’t find a job here to save my life. I’m fucking tired of looking. Now that Joe can’t get me in at the newspaper office the last hope I have for a job is with Bill and Dave’s company. I have a bad feeling that isn’t going to work out either.

I finally found out what was bothering The Colonel. I was supposed to hang out with him in the evening after Samson and I were out car hunting but I was too tired. We postponed hanging out until tonight. The Colonel was seeing a Chinese guy in the city for two months and the guy pulled the “I think we should see other people but we can be friends” thing on him. The Colonel was upset about it and we spent hours talking about it. Colonel feels comfortable enough talking to me about this stuff but at the same time I think he realizes I don’t fully undertsand everything he’s talking about and going through because I’m not a fruity guy. The Colonel and Joe don’t bug me much because they aren’t your typical fags. Typical fags talk with a lisp and wear dresses and go to dog shows. Interior decorating is top of “to do” list of your typical fags. Not so with The Colonel or Joe. Actually, Joe does have a slight lisp but I’ve never seen him wear a dress so he’s OK in my book.

Joe worked on Mark’s old room for me most of the afternoon today. Someone had nailed a bunch of ugly wood planks into the walls and Joe spent the day pulling them all out of the walls. It looked like a tough job. I went in to check it out and Joe had a large pile of scrap wood sitting in the center of the floor that he pulled from two of the walls. I’m going to help Joe get it all out of here when he’s done with the project. I’ve been really down about my job prospects and Joe told me to hang in there and do school or something. He advised me not to “escape” things by going into the military. He did that in 1962 and joined the Navy. I get the feeling from hearing him talk about it that he regrets going into the Navy then, but I am not certain.


~ by factorypeasant on September 1, 2004.

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