My father is a total bastard and the more I try to not be like him, the more I become him.

I had a dream about Jennifer again last night. I can’t remember any of the specifics. All I know is when I woke up this morning I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

I wasn’t sleeping very well so I got up and went into the den. There was a gigantic pile of mail gathered over the past few months. I decided to sort through it all which was something I had been putting off. Most of it was total junk left over from my feeble attempt at going to college. Old assignments and such. Everything that didn’t get thrown out went into my filing cabinet somewhere. I saw some old letters from Jacinda, but I was too ashamed to read them. They got thrown out. Jacinda wasn’t so bad. I flipped out on her.


~ by factorypeasant on September 1, 2004.

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