Dad keeps telling me I’ll never make it on my own. He likes to inform me about all the extra bills and things people get when they have their own place. It’s amusing since I’ve still got the room over at Joe’s house, got a phone hooked up, and I’ve been paying my fair share of the electricity, and water. It’s no big deal. I don’t know why I’m still hanging around at my parents place. Dad spends alot of his time yelling at me when he sees me about how “irresponsible” I am about looking for a new job. There isn’t much available job-wise right now and that isn’t my fault. Bad timing is all.

Last week I moved more stuff into Joe’s. I brought over my silverware, a bunch of pots and pans, and other kitchen items.

Joe is a movie fanatic. I’ve been watching alot of the films he likes. He will watch almost anything though and alot of it is junk. That’s not to say he hasn’t turned me onto some good things. We’re both into sci-fi and old black and whites. One of his film suggestions was “This Island Earth” from 1954 or ’55 I think. That one was amusing. I’ve noticed most of the movies we’ve checked out from the fifties always have references to things being “atomic” and there’s an implied awe that goes along with it. Very goofy.

I got signed up for unemployment. They shell out $190 to me every three weeks. It ain’t much but at least I get to keep the room at Joe’s. I’ve been looking for work regularly and the one thing I’ve learned is there’s a whole bunch of misleading advertising and complete misrepresentation going on. Temporary services and employment agencies place bogus ads in the newspapers just so they can get more people to come into the temp service. Individual businesses that are involved in questionable activities fluff up their ads to be totally different from what they actually do. For example, I answered this one ad for office work, and when I got there to check it out I discovered it was a professional scam operation selling photocopier toner over the phone. They cold call businesses and pretend to be their office supplier and ask the poor slob on the other end of the phone to “check the make and model number of the copier in their office” because they need to double check which one they have in their “computer”. As soon as the unsuspecting slob tells them the make and model the scammers flip pages as fast as they can in these books to cross reference the information to the correct toner cartridge. Then they rope them into buying toner they don’t need at ten times the actual price.

Another ad I checked into was for a merchandiser/marketer. Kinda vague. When I got to the place it turned out to be a commission based door to door vacuum salesman job like straight out of the 1950s. I kept thinking of that Addam’s Family cartoon where vacuum salesmen are hanging from trees dead in the front yard of the Addam’s house. They all still clutch onto a new vacuum and on the street below there is another vacuum salesman looking up at them from outside the gate. Anyway I can’t believe that shit is for reals. I thought door to door sales jobs were only in cartoons and movies.

Employment agencies are fucked. If the person behind the desk doesn’t like you, their agency isn’t going to do shit for you. I haven’t had any luck at all with the employment agencies so far. Guess they don’t like me.


~ by factorypeasant on August 30, 2004.

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