I’ve been doing alot of reading the past two days. Joe has a nice book collection in the livingroom and I picked up his copy of “Witchcraft And Demonology” by an author named Robbins. Published in 1959. The reading has been interesting. I’ve been trying to imagine what it must have been like during the days of witch hunts and The Plague. The outright ignorance of the general populace of Europe in the dark ages astounds me. The part I find most interesting is how different groups of Christians delibrately misused the Bible to put thousands of innocent people to death. They used scripture from the Bible that pertained to witches but the funny thing is the Bible originally never mentions witches as such. At least not in the original Hebrew text. That’s something the Europeans added in. They had a nice scam going though. Anyone who was accused of being a witch and found guilty- would have all their wealth and property divided between their accuser and the Church. Fucked up. I think if people were able to read the original translation of the Bible and had the “lost books” back in place where they should be, the Christian religion would make a whole lot more sense. I can’t believe in European myths like witches and warlocks and shit. That’s kindergarten stuff.

I’m getting laid off from Petrini’s. I hate working there anyway so it’s a good thing. I worked at the store for a couple of years. I’ve got to start looking for a new job tomorrow. I have to get a withdrawal card from the union. I hate the union. It wouldn’t have been so bad at the union office if the women who worked behind the counter weren’t a bunch of skank housewives, rude and shit. They’re leeches. The union did close to nothing for us. I don’t ever want to work another union job if I can help it.

Mr. Temper Tantrum had a shrewd plan for this holiday season at the store. Months ago he knew he was going to get a bunch of extra hours for manning the checkstands so he promoted up a bunch of us baggers to store clerks. He got cheap checkers that way, and he knew that right after the holiday season ended those extra hours on the payroll would be gone. He’d have no choice but to lay seven or eight of us off. That’s exactly what he went and did. He let us know we were being laid off right after Christmas. Thanks, asshole.

Petrini’s is like a horse with a broken leg. It needs to be shot and turned into glue. The company is doing very poorly and they’ve lost a ton of business. Mainly it’s due to the mismanagement coming from the main office. They completely forgot what made the company successful and tried to change it to be like any other chain grocery store instead of a specialty grocery store. They didn’t need to change anything all they needed to do was stick to Frank Petrini’s vision. That would have been too easy though. Silly me for thinking of it.

Maybe Mr. Temper Tantrum is doing me a favor by throwing me out. At least I won’t have to work with that dumb ass anymore. I swear, that guy is the worst person I’ve ever worked for.


~ by factorypeasant on August 30, 2004.

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  1. Hey…Can I share a little something with you that I have learned? God loves you. He created you. The Creator of the Universe, the giver of all good gifts, the Father of compassion…and He loves YOU!!! Won’t you think about this as the days pass you by?

  2. you do no have time travle machine 1992 guy, if that is your real name. you are no good soft american pie of poo. you write blog. B-L-O-G. bill an dave are friends of mine…we will sue you! you should look at some girl pictures on your site so no more factory fahg-got workers come around. stink man! yu stinket! i am so angry now i can not type! be happier!!! i will go read some one elses site now and hate them half as much as you!!! ANGRY!!! booo!!! time travel is imposable!!! stop the lies!!!

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