Last week I was going to rent an apartment without my parents knowing about it. I need someplace to sleep during the day without being fucked with. Dad has been making things pretty rough on me around the house. I need to sleep during the day because of the night shift hours and he seems to think I’m wasting my time sleeping the day away when I should be… doing something? I don’t understand why he doesn’t get it. If you work at night you have to sleep sometime. It’s not rocket science.

Joe Evilsizer was going to let me move into one of his rooms that was up for rent last week but he changed his mind about it at the last minute. He was unclear with me as to why he didn’t want me to move in after agreeing to it just a few days before. A couple of days after that he changed his mind again and gave me a bigger room for less rent and no deposit. It’s all a done deal now and I spent part of the day moving things in at Joe’s. The room he let me have is actually kinda cool. It’s a split level setup in what used to be the attic of the house I think. It’s more of an apartment within the house in a way, which I like. For now I’m going to use it as my new art studio and sleep here when dad is being a cock. I suppose the best thing about this is the fact that I can live here whenever I want to. So as soon as things get really shitty at home with dad I’ll just move out of their place and live here at Joe’s full time. Dad has been wanting to kick me out anyway. He won’t get as much satisfaction and won’t be able to hold it over me if I already have someplace to go. The rent at Joe’s is $200 a month for the room. I can do that.

Joe gave me a little more of the story on why he threw Scott out of here. Sounds like the guy was pilfering stuff from other parts of the house without asking. Things were just disappearing. He was constantly drunk and had an episode where he cut himself up and bled all over the place. The thing that really surprised me was when Joe told me Scott had been running around the house with a glow in the dark butt plug up his ass. I had no idea the guy was so screwed up.

Bought another cigar today and hung out at the local cafe smoking it in the parking lot. Wasn’t anything spectacular, but it wasn’t bad either.


~ by factorypeasant on August 30, 2004.

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