I’m looking into getting a better job with another grocery store chain. Middle of November one of their stores will be re-opening and they are going to need a bunch more people. I don’t relish the thought of working for this company because I think their style is like the McDonald’s of supermarkets. And I hate the “country” styled uniforms they wear. But it would be full time 40 hour work weeks. The best I am guaranteed at Petrini’s is part time. Just can’t ever get ahead that way. At least here at Petrini’s all I have to wear is their apron with the trademark logo on it and a white shirt with black tie. I can wear whatever pants or shoes I want so they are accomodating that way. It’s much better than having to wear a western style shirt that looks like it could be a tablecloth for a picnic table.


~ by factorypeasant on August 29, 2004.

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