I got my new job at the store. Mr. Temper Tantrum is promoting a few of us baggers up to store clerks. We will be checkers and night crew clerks now. I had to go through a few days of training with this dingbat blonde named Sherry, from the main office. The training sessions were boring and tedious. Worthless really. I’ve had the misfortune of having to endure training from Sherry before. The first time I met her was after I had been working at Petrini’s for six months. Petrini’s was putting on a bagger school at one of the other stores. Even though I was a veteran bagger by then, The Colonel decided to send me to bagger school for a week. Each store had to send one person and I guess I was the unlucky guy that got elected to go. Sherry was the worst instructor for grocery stuff. Total nitwit. Anyway she made that week hellish and I knew as soon as I saw her for checker school it was going to be a rough time.

Sherry is very loud. She is condescending at every opportunity and repulsive to look at. I was stuck with her for eight hours a day for most of the week. The first day she showed up wearing a purple business suit with a tacky leaf design on it. She wore obnoxious gold plated costume jewelry and her hair was all Jeri-curled out. It looked like a blonde dust mop. Her belt was on so tight that she bulged around her waistline like a giant purple stuffed sausage. I hate her voice. That annoys me more than anything else. The training days passed by far too slowly. I did my best to block the evil Sherry from my mind while still getting through the silly training excercises she set up for us. Probably the only difficult part was having to memorize hundreds of produce codes by the end of the week. Everything else was easy enough.

We got Mr. Temper Tantrum a while back from another store. He’s our new store director, and the guy is a straight up freak. He’s a short man with a bushy moustache and coke bottle thick glasses. Super nerd. He wears his shirt and tie far too tight around his neck. He loses his temper at the slightest things and he turns fire-engine red. When this happens his veins and arteries bulge out around his neck and he runs a finger nervously around his shirt collar. His finger is like a hook he uses to try and relieve some of the pressure on his neck when he flips out. We’ve been making alot of fun about it when he isn’t looking. He should just wear his tie somewhat loose but he’s too stupid to figure that one out. Our previous store director was an OK enough guy but due to his shoulder injury I don’t think he will ever be back. Mr. Temper Tantrum was a store manager at one of our other locations and he got into a bunch of shit. I’ve heard two stories about him so far. One story is that he went berzerk on some bagger at his store and choked him by the neck. The other story is essentially the same thing but instead of choking the bagger he bitch slapped the guy. Either way Mr. Temper Tantrum shouldn’t be shuffled off to another store. In my opinion he should have been fired for conducting himself like that.


~ by factorypeasant on August 23, 2004.

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