A lot of things have come and gone. I moved out of the house that Demi and I were sharing. Demi turned out to be totally unreliable and untrustworthy. The dirtbag ran a $400 phone bill up on me. He was calling phone sex party lines or some shit since he can’t get any action. I was having a hard enough time financially trying to get by and then this sack of crap goes and burns me on the phone bill, which is in my name. Great. I was so god damned angry I went through the house and smashed up all the phone jacks and ripped some of the phone lines out of the walls. Hope that screws him good since he’s still gonna be living there for a while. That greasy bastard tried to ransom some of my antiques that I had stored in the garage. He put a lock on the garage door on the second day of my move out. I couldn’t get everything in one truckload so he took the opportunity to cut my lock off the garage door and demand I give him close to $300 for the next month’s rent even though I ain’t gonna be there. Things got pretty ugly and we had some words. Needless to say he removed the lock and I got the rest of my shit out of there.

Since I had no place else to go on short notice I moved back into my parent’s place. Dad was a complete asshole about it. They have a huge house and they aren’t doing a damn thing with my old room since I bailed out, but dad took every opportunity to fuck with me and break a bunch of my stuff delibrately when I moved back in. I had a really nice whiskey tumbler collection and he threw the box down on the concrete garage floor at their house just to shatter them all. He busted a bunch of other stuff too but the whiskey tumblers I can’t replace. Those were all promo tumblers from liquor companies so it’s not like I can just walk into a store and pick up new ones. There’s no reason for him to do that kind of shit. He loves it though. I can tell. We’ve had some real violent encounters since then and mom has threatened dad with divorce. Hope she follows through with it this time.

Looks like I’m up for a promotion at Petrini’s. Not sure what’s going on with that yet but I sure could use the extra dough. I got to get outta here.


~ by factorypeasant on August 23, 2004.

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