I moved out of my parent’s house two months ago. I got lucky and moved into a duplex with Demi. I’ve been waiting for a long time to move out of my folk’s house because I wanted to make sure I had a living situation where I would only have one room mate instead of four or five of them. I want alot of space to spread out without tripping over room mates. Most of my friends have ended up renting places that are really small and have tons of room mates. That isn’t the way I want to live, if I can help it. This place is pretty quiet and very clean. There’s enough room so I was able to put most of my furniture in my bedroom. My bedroom at my parent’s house was huge and I had alot of furniture in it. I figured for my first time moving out I would have to put a bunch of my stuff in storage but this place has worked out well enough. We have a one car garage out back and I did put a few things in there and lock it up.

I miss living at my parent’s house alot, but I don’t miss my parents. Right now they are painting the outside of their house white. For twenty years it’s been a deep charcoal grey color and Dad thinks by repainting it white it will somehow keep the house alot cooler during the summer months. Guess he thinks the white will reflect sunlight and stay much cooler. I think he’s whacked. Anyway, when I go over there now and I see that white paintjob it doesn’t feel like home anymore. It’s like the house is someone else’s and I’ve never been there before. It’s a strange feeling. Dad offered to pay me to help repaint the place but I felt really uncomfortable taking the cash from him. With him, strings are always attatched and he makes you feel like you are a bum taking a handout. I felt uncomfortable taking the money but I do need the dough. So I’ve been helping out with the repainting.

Things with Jacinda took off well. We’ve been seeing each other for a while. When we’re out with her friends she keeps referring to herself as “his girlfriend” and she thumbs over in my direction so they get the idea. It’s kinda funny. She comes over to my place alot when I’m not home and she waits for me in my bed. It’s great to come home from the store and walk into my room to find a crazed red head waiting for me. She’s a total turn on. Jacinda is always up for just about anything in the bedroom and she’s got me completely spun out. I really dig the way this girl looks. Sometimes she wears white thigh-high nylons with little black heeled buckle shoes and a black mini skirt and a tight top. I love that thigh-high mini skirt combo. Makes me crazy. Other times she’s got the full on gothic thing rolling. Alot of girls can’t pull off the gothic style but Jacinda really looks good when she does it. Her hair is long enough that she can put it up in these elaborate victorian buns. I’ve never seen anything like it. All I can say is, she’s gorgeous.


~ by factorypeasant on August 19, 2004.

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